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sl_thumbnail.jpgWell it isn’t ALL her fault and I do plan on bringing up the EVER loved topic of reviews more later but avid reader posted about Susan Wiggs Fireside reviews on you know THAT PLACE…. ::whispers::amazon::/whispers:: and her response to a few bad reviews.

I  have no comment about it at this point because I haven’t read the reviews, Wiggs posts and don’t plan too yet because I have the book in my pile of to read next.

Book CoverI had gone back and forth on it because I didn’t really care much for her last few books but had heard good buzz about this one and well… baseball hero!  WOOT!

Then it hit number one on NY Times and I wondered if it was REALLY that good so I moved it up a bit.

rukia-icon-for-avidbookreader.jpgNow here is the rub, from what I can tell from Keishon’s post the four bad reviews are harping on Fireside being too political. Depending on how it is done that could seriously bug the shit out of me but if it goes well into the plot and doesn’t take away from the romance (something I won’t know till I read the book) I will be totally ok with it.

And from what Susan Wiggs comments were (again quoted on Keishon’s post, never emailed with the author or know her) we lean the same way.

faye.jpgHence my CHALLENGE TO TEH GWEN, our lil republican duckie, yes le sigh we lurve her anyway ::ow:: stop pulling my feathers! I kid, well sort of, I do live in Texas, I am sure there are a few republican’s out there.  Well maybe not reading this site but in romanceland, err maybe? But I digress… seriously this isn’t meant to be a political post.  No really. My migraine is already coming back. Onward… (how cindys of me *g*)

As you can tell from The Sins of Lord Easterbrook, gwen and I have a totally different review style. I think everything is about me.  So give much less plot away and much more about what I think (shocking yes?)  Gwen bores you with details on the book… I mean informs you 🙂 lol haven’t you missed having me around? Anyway… MY POINT and I did have one.

dont-think-by-noelleleithe1.jpgI thought it would be amusing to see if Gwen could like the book or not and if she didn’t, well we would certainly know she wasn’t one of those people who have already posted on amazon… yes?

What cha say gwen? Dueling reviews at dawn? OR you know… whenever we get to it… since I can’t keep to a schedule to save my life and currently only have one copy and WOOT I gots it *g*.

to be continued… or not I haz a short attention span you know