Playing with Sands

Thursday, February 14, 2008 18:26
Posted in category Ponderings

Book CoverSo even more great news, Harper Collins put up Lnysay Sands’ Vampire, Interrupted as one of the books on their online preview/reading promotion. To which I have to say, go read it! Really, and I know there are lots of Argeneau-aholics out there that are dying for a sneak peek into Marguerite’s story before it comes out later this month. 

Click here for the first three, and part of the fourth chapters.

I think it’s great of the publisher to be offering long excerpts of books to help garner interest. It’s a marketing technique, sure, but it’s a good one. Why not try more than a couple of pages from a book for an excerpt? Makes sense to give a preview of a couple of chapters so the reader can get a good solid feel for the book.

So go! Read to your heart’s content. And get Vampire, Interrupted on February 26. You know you want to.

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