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csquared_icon.jpgBlogger C-Squared shares her list of 12 (so far) favorite COOKIES! 


So this wouldn’t take tons of space, I either linked directly to the recipe I use or linked to the closest thing I could find online. Also, I should mention that anywhere any type of chip is used I add extra – like half again of what is listed in the recipe. Can you ever have too much of a good thing?

12 Cookies Anyone Can Bake

peanut-butter-blossoms.jpg1. Peanut Butter Blossoms.  Best. Cookie. EVAR!

cutout-cookies.jpg 2. Sugar Cut-outs.  I have been on a quest for the perfect cut-out recipe for a long time. This one is close to my memory of the best cut-out cookies I ever had (baked by a woman who refused to share her recipe – even with family. Bah humbug, lady!).

raisin_oatmeal_cookies.jpg 3. Oatmeal Berry.  I use the basic recipe but, instead of using only raisins,I add in a dried berry mix (I end up using nearly double the fruit the recipe calls for). Also, for a bit more flavor and moisture, I soak the raisins and berries in orange juice or Cranapple juice for 30 minutes or so.

pecan-sandies.jpg4. Pecan Sandies.  The easiest way to roll the cookies in powdered sugar is to use a plastic baggy – the sugar will get in the grooves at the topand not seal properly toward the end, be warned. The key is to sugar the cookies twice – once when they are still a little warm and again when they are completely cool. Too sweet?! What’s that? 😉

snickerdoodles.jpg5. Snickerdoodles.  If you have any of the larger grained sugars that are around for holiday baking, mix some in to make the cinnamon sugar extra crunchy. Last year, I found red cinnamon-flavored sugar. Festive!

triplechocolatechipcookie.jpg6. Triple Chocolate Chip.  I love the Ghirardelli chocolate chips! In this recipe, I use white chocolate chips instead of bittersweet. Sometimes I put in pecans but usually no nuts.

coconutmacaroons.jpg 8. Coconut Macaroons.  So amazingly easy! More like candy, really, but a must for the coconut lover.

gingersnaps.jpg9. Gingersnaps.  Makes the house smell Christmas-y!

shortbread.jpg10. Shortbread.  Do you have a cookie press? I recommend the electric kind…so much easier!

fruitcake-cookies.jpg11. Fruitcake Cookies.  Use whatever dried fruit you like (I leave out the dates, personally) and the bourbon is optional, of course (maybe a little rum flavoring, instead?).

lemonicebox.jpg12. Lemon Icebox Cookies.  Yummy anytime!

Happy baking!