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Christine, one of our intrepid commenters, has graciously agreed to give us her impression of the New Jersey Romance Writers Book Fair & Signing event last weekend. Here is her story…ย 


NJRW Con LogoMy Author Signing Day!

If you were in the New York Metropolitan area this past weekend, you could have found yourself enjoying a multitude of outdoor activities – the weather was wonderful. Or, like me, you could have found yourself in the Hilton Hotel ballroom in Iselin, New Jersey, mingling with some of your favorite romance authors!

The New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book Conference was last weekend. It had a one and a half hour Literacy Book Fair & Author Signing that was open to the public and held on Saturday afternoon, and there couldn’t have been a better day to be living in New Jersey, Gwen!

Book CoverMy first stop was to the author at the signing who had the longest line of fangirls—Sherrilyn Kenyon (also one of the three keynote speakers along with Julia Quinn and Karen Robards). I was fortunate to also have met Kenyon in August while she was in New Jersey doing her book tour for the Devil May Cry. But I got inline to have my two minute visit with her again, as I wanted to get her autograph for one of my romance reading friends who gifted me a multi-author autographed tote bag from Lora Leigh’s RAW back in September.

After waiting in a line for maybe 15 minutes, I reintroduced myself to Ms. Kenyon, reminding her that I met her just two months prior, and have to say she delighted me in saying, “Of course I remember you, baby,” in her ever so sweet and delicate southern drawl. Which totally made my day, because regardless of whether she really remembered me or not, she called me “baby” and I’m pretty sure we’re the same age—okay, maybe I’m older! Then again, maybe she did remember me. I was, after all, one of only two fans who wore Simi horns to that August signing! LOL So yet again, Ms. Kenyon impressed me with her warmth and admiration for her fans. She is so very humble regarding her success as an author and truly makes you feel that it is her privilege to be meeting you and not the other way around.

Book CoverI proceeded to tour the ballroom, visiting so many other wonderful authors. I met Caroline Linden, an author whose presence became known to me as a direct result of visiting TGTBTU and found Caroline and I actually had a lot in common. I am looking forward to reading her books, especially What A Rogue Desires, as I just love seeing the bad guy become the hero!

Other historical romance authors I met were Kathryn Smith, Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Sophia Nash (did you see her on the cover of RT magazine? She is that beautiful in person, too!). I also met historical/paranormal romance authors Hannah Howell [ed.: squeeeeee!] and Joy Nash; paranormal romance authors Bianca D’Arc, Stella Price, Diane Whiteside, Eileen Wilks [ed.: squeeeeee again!]; fantasy romance author R. Garland Gray; and Shomi (futuristic action romance) authors Marianne Mancusi and Liz Maverick.

Book CoverI read Eve Kenin’s (a.k.a. Eve Silver) Shomi novel Driven this summer and loved the freshness and action this new subgenre brings to romance literature (not to mention the really cool manga-inspired covers!). Each and every author I met was kind, friendly and enthusiastic about sharing their love of books. It truly makes my reading experience that much more enjoyable when I know how delighted and appreciative the author is that I am interested in their book.

When I came to this signing, I focused on meeting the authors whose books I have already read, or whose books are on my wish list. There were so many other less widely known, and I’m sure just as talented, authors whom I would have been delighted in meeting on Saturday, but sadly, there just wasn’t enough time. With that in mind, I’m already looking forward to next year so that I can add some new authors to my bookshelf!


Thanks for the vicarious look at this event, Christine.ร‚ Sounds like an absolutely fantastic event!

Did other folks attend? And someone tell me if Kenyon wore the swan!?