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Book CoverKristie J’s review of Simple Man by Lydia Michaels
Contemporary Romance published by Secret Cravings Publishing 24 Oct 13

I came across this book when I was looking through a hidden gems list on GoodReads, and it called to me.  One should never ignore a book call.  I’m so glad that I listened to the siren’s call of Simple Man.  I liked this book.  I really, really liked it.  It’s an “I’m going to be rereading this book and check out the author’s backlist” like.

Our hero is Shane Martin.  His lifestyle seems to be work hard during the week and party hearty on the weekends.  His trailer home is the hangout for him and his friends. When his parents were killed while he was still very young, he took over guardianship of his younger sister, but they have become somewhat estranged lately.  So when she asks him for money for an abortion, he’s not encouraged to help her.  She disappears after their argument and Shane has been unable to track her down.

He’s heartbroken when he learns that she died in an automobile accident and completely flummoxed when he learns his sister did not have an abortion and he’s been named guardian of her very young baby boy.  This is a life-changing event for Shane.  It turns out his young nephew is the catalyst for Shane ‘growing up.’

The love interest, Katie McAlister, is the case worker assigned to him in assessing what kind of guardian he will be going forward.  At first she’s very skeptical of Shane’s abilities, but, as time goes on, she can see the changes in him and how hard he is trying to be responsible.  And, best of all, she sees the great love that Shane has.  As time goes on she becomes more and more attracted to him but knows it would be crossing a line for anything to happen between them.

This is such a heart-warming, cuddly, smile-worthy and at times laugh-worthy story that I give it a huge thumbs up.  I don’t see how any reader can’t help but root for and cheer Shane on.  It’s the kind of book that, if you are feeling off, will make you feel right again.  Although I’ve only read it once so far, it’s the very definition of a comfort read – as well as a true hidden gem.  The romance doesn’t really take centre stage, but I was perfectly fine with this as Shane is such an endearing character all on his own.

fairy_in_a_field3_400x400Grade: A


Months after Shane Martin’s sister vanishes, life crashes down and he finds himself the guardian of a nephew he never knew existed. Blissfully ignorant, Shane trades in his musician status, full of late nights and fast women, for midnight feedings and lullabies. But when Kate McAlister, his prissy, stuck up caseworker, arrives unexpectedly, he realizes he could lose everything.

Kate isn’t impressed by Shane’s messy bachelor pad, rocker image, or sexy tattoos. As a matter of fact she finds it all very sophomoric. The sooner she’s off the case the better. Everything from his long hair to his sarcastic attitude threatens her professionalism. But when he lowers his guard and asks for help, she discovers a side to this tattooed musician she can’t resist. Behind this simple man is an unsung hero.

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