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Book CoverVeena’s review of Collision Point (Brute Force, Book 1) by Lora Leigh
Romantic Thriller published by St. Martin’s Press 27 Feb 18

This fast-paced, action-packed romance delivers a lot of heat guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats as they try to figure out whodunit. 

The story kicks into high gear right from the get-go, starting out with a dramatic rescue, bullets flying, and a medical chopper flying out victims.  Amara comes out of that rescue with gaps in her memory and terrible nightmares. She knows someone died in the rescue and she’s terribly afraid that the reason she can’t remember is because she can’t bear to remember the truth of that night.

Determined to pursue the truth that will help her put her life back in order and carry on, she escapes her handlers and finds Riordan, her ex-bodyguard, who has disappeared from her life – except he comes to her in dreams, explicit erotic dreams. Who is he to her? And why is he not in her life?

The plots and counterplots will make you dizzy as the surprises keep coming.  The suspense is masterful and will keep you engaged all the way through to the end. A definite winner.

Grade: A


Riordan Malone is more than a bodyguard. As an Elite Ops agent, he’s ripped, raged, and ready to rumble—a true warrior, inside and out. But no war zone can compare to the battle in Rory’s heart when he lays eyes on the only woman he’s ever loved—and thought he had lost forever. . .
As the daughter of a crime lord, Amara Resnova has endured the cruelty of her father’s enemies—and has tried to escape that world ever since. Now, she must reach out to the one man who saved her life, even if she’s never forgiven him for breaking her heart. But Amara is tougher today than she was then. She’s also more desirable to Rory—and dangerous to love. Can he protect her from her father’s enemies without surrendering to his own passions…or will love seal their fate for good?

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