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Book CoverTabs’ review of Infamous (Famous, Book 2) by Jenny Holiday
Contemporary Romance published by Riptide Publishing 27 Nov 17

Jenny Holiday’s latest utterly delightful romance is a friends-to-lovers story with one “baby silver fox” doctor hero, one bad boy rocker hero, and a number of dates at ramen restaurants. Bisexual rocker Jesse Jamison made a deal with the devil (i.e. a star-making record producer) that involves staying firmly in the closet, but when a friendship with a smoking hot pediatrician starts growing into something more, things far more important than fame or fortune are on the line.

Hunter Wyatt spent years pretending to be his closeted boyfriend’s “roommate” and he’s done with hiding. After a move to a new city and the start of a new job, he’s ready to rebound. When he realizes that one of his patients is infatuated with a certain rock star who Hunter once got drunk with on a train a few years back, he uses the old connection to set up a visit. One thing leads to another and soon Jesse is spending a lot of time at the hospital, Jesse and Hunter are having a lot of dinners together, and the two quickly become the best of friends.

Their friendship is so darn adorable. They text constantly. They have routines. They frequently hang out at each other’s places. They just love being together and talking to each other and they both get melancholy when things are off. The only problems are that Hunter thinks Jesse is straight and Jesse is falling more and more in love with Hunter every day and is becoming increasing poor at holding back his attraction.

“That smile killed Jesse. It was like each time, Hunter was surprised and then delighted to see him at his door.”

Jesse’s coming out story and how it affects his relationship with Hunter is not always pretty. He has obligations coming at him from multiple directions and it’s not just his career but his whole band’s that’ll be affected if he comes out. He loves Hunter deep in his bones, is insanely attracted to him, and wants to be with him, but he’s walking a very thin tightrope, and eventually it’s all going to come crashing down. Hunter, for his part, is patient and understanding but not a doormat. He knows what he needs to be happy, and if Jesse can’t give it to him, then he won’t compromise.

In the end, I loved how everything shook out. Hunter stayed true to his needs. Jesse admitted his and made them a priority. A sexy baby silver fox and a sexy tattooed rocker made my heart swell. Here’s to yet another wonderful book from Jenny Holiday.

0fa74262Grade: A


All that up-and-coming musician Jesse Jamison has ever wanted is to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. When a gossip website nearly catches him kissing someone who isn’t his famous girlfriend—and also isn’t a girl—he considers the near miss a wake-up call. There’s a lot riding on his image as the super-straight rocker, and if he wants to realize his dreams, he’ll need to toe the line. Luckily, he’s into women too. Problem solved.
After a decade pretending to be his ex’s roommate, pediatrician Hunter Wyatt is done hiding. He might not know how to date in the Grindr world, how to make friends in a strange city, or whether his new job in Toronto is a mistake. But he does know that no one is worth the closet. Not even the world’s sexiest rock star.

As Jesse’s charity work at Hunter’s hospital brings the two closer together, a bromance develops. Soon, Hunter is all Jesse can think about. But when it comes down to a choice between Hunter and his career, he’s not sure he’s brave enough to follow his heart.

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