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Book CoverSammy’s review of Claim & Protect (Men Of Haven, Book 3) by Rhenna Morgan
Contemporary Romance  published by Carina Press  01 Jun 17

In the third installment of this series, Rhenna Morgan is not slowing down. At this point you can just call these reviews about the Men Of Haven love letters. In this book we get to spend time with resident cowboy/flyboy Trevor Raines. We also get to meet another fantastic heroine, Natalie Jordan, and her young son Levi. While I am not really a fan of young kids in my books (the kind that use them as manipulation), I should have just shut my damn thoughts down, because at this point I know I can trust where this author leads me. If you haven’t given this series a chance, you’re really missing out. While all the men are hot and protective, it’s the women in these books that make these reads so damn good.

Natalie Jordan is living in a crappy apartment with her young son and mom. She’s divorced from her abusive plastic-surgeon husband. She’s trying to get on her feet by working at Trevor’s bar and trying to get back to nursing school. Life is not easy for her right now, especially starting a new job and dealing with her unhinged ex. Trevor sees something in her when he hires her. She’s tough and goes above and beyond to do a god job she has no experience in. Trevor has a rule about no cell phone usage while working.

Trevor Raines is part of the Haven Brotherhood and has various business holdings. His true love is his ranch and flying his planes. He also skirts the law to help people for the greater good. While Nat is on duty he notices her on her phone texting and he’s kind of disappointed, because he thinks she’s a great worker, but he’s also attracted to her. When her phone rings, he’s had enough and goes to confront her. While Nat is on the phone outside, he hears her conversation with her mom. Turns out that her ex is trying to get into their apartment to take their son Levi. Nat tells her not to open the door under any circumstance and she will be home as soon as she can. One thing that will set Trevor off is any women in dire straights. He tells her to go home and take care of her family. Meanwhile, Trevor gets her address and is not far behind.

When Trevor shows up he hears them arguing. Trevor also knows what kind of man he is dealing with. He walks up the stairs to Nat’s apartment and puts his arm around her and pretends to be her boyfriend. This helps and hinders. Trevor is not backing down, especially now that he knows Nat’s Ex abused not only her but her son as well. This is the main reason Natalie divorced his sorry ass. They keep this ruse up and Trevor, Nat, Nat’s mom, and son form a lovely friendship.

Trevor and Natalie are a slow burn. Natalie has some trust issues. Trevor has a quick temper. Yet, Trevor wold never hurt women or children. He forms such a beautiful relationship with Levi. There’s a sub-plot running through the story that ties nicely into her ex’s comeuppance. There’s a big showdown, Natalie jumping to conclusions, Trevor and his temper. But in the end they figure out their shortcomings and love wins the day. At the end of this fantastic book, you will need some Kleenex. What a beautiful, emotional journey. To say I am waiting with bated breath for Knox’s book is an understatement.

If you’re looking for a meaty, emotionally, sexy, loving, and extremely well-written book, look no further. This book can stand alone, but you would be missing out on the previous two. I can’t recommend these book highly enough.

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Trevor Raines lives on the edge of legal. A good guy doing bad things to save lives, the only rules he follows are his own, and there’s nothing in the world that will change that. Until Natalie Jordan walks into his life…

Natalie’s only interest is in making a fresh start. She’s a woman with a plan, and the plan doesn’t include a man with secrets, no matter how kind—or intoxicating—he is. But this cowboy is determined to break down her walls, keep her safe and make her his.

Trevor had no interest in settling down, but there’s something entirely too appealing about the woman he can’t stay away from. There’s only one thing to do—change his plans…and hers. When Natalie’s ex resurfaces to threaten her new life, Trevor will move heaven and earth to make sure the bastard can’t hurt her again. Except saving Natalie means outing his own secrets—and it could mean losing her forever…

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