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Book CoverSammy’s review of Twice As Hard by Amber Bardan
Contemporary Erotic Romance published by Carina Press 20 March 17

I loved King’s Captive so much I was happy to see a short story release by Ms. Bardan. It’s a quick read, but it’s chock full of greatness. Like the other review, it’s going to be vague again. Sorry, but this author writes with the intention of keeping you off-kilter with some surprises and I really don’t want to ruin anything for the reader. This is another book written by this author that packs a punch. I am over the moon thrilled that there are more books in her backlist that I can download on my Kindle. Ms. Bardan is really an author who needs to be on everyone’s radar.

Gabby is hiking up Hunter Mountain to clear her head and to find some peace and quiet from all the hustle and bustle. Her husband Dean sends her off with little notes telling her all the things she should do or remember. She’s catching her breath and wondering why he sent her there. She rummages through her backpack to read the next letter her husband left for her.

“Aren’t you glad you did? Enjoy the view for half an hour. Set your timer, you impatient little thing. Then take the path to the left, there’s something I want you to see.”

She’s annoyed. She’s not sure why he’s doing this, but you get a feeling something is not right in their world. As Gabby makes her way on the correct path, she comes across a beautiful waterfall and she can’t help but stop to take a swim and check things out. She feels powerful being naked out in the forest and, she loves the thought that there is nothing her husband can do about it. As she is trying to put her clothes back on she hears footfalls. A strange man appears in front of her, rugged and scruffy with some bulk, just enough to make Gabby feel afraid, just as she’s also clutching her clothes to her naked body. He’s eating her up with his eyes and takes a step toward her, she gets spooked and drops her clothes to move back. She’s also turned on as well. A gunshot goes off and she’s back to being very scared. While she’s thinking about how she’s feeling sexually, she’s also thinking about her husband. How could she let another man see her naked? Gabby has no idea how Dean is feeling; he’s been incommunicado other than the letters he’s sent with her on her journey.

Another man steps out into the clearing and tells her she is trespassing on private property. He tells her she could have been hurt because he’s hunting for deer. If Gabby thought the first guy was scary, this man is downright menacing. She tells the men that her husband would be looking for her and that she has to go. The men let her go with a warning that it’s their property and if she finds herself back on their land, anything could happen. Gabby takes off and makes it back to her cabin. Her husband has another letter for her.

“Good Morning, baby. You’ll take the bike from the shed and have breakfast in town. At the tea house, you’ll have a pot of Earl Grey, and an Apple Danish. Just one you greedy thing. Take Pippa (their dog) with you and sit outside. She needs the exercise.”

As Gabby is sitting outside the tea house, she sees two men get out of their pickup and realizes it’s the men from the woods. Pippa, her dog, is barking like crazy and pulling the table, but the menacing man gives the dog a command and the dog settles down. Gabby, on the other hand, is feeling all sorts of things, one being extremely turned on. She takes note that the men are nice to her dog and she lets her guard down a little. Gabby makes it back to her cabin and Pippa takes off into the woods. She goes after her and runs into the men. From here things get crazy. By crazy, I mean the sex is hot, the emotions are off the charts, the men are scary. My head was spinning and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. There are so many feelings happening from this point on, especially due to he fact Gabby is allowing two men to dominate her and her worry about her husband.

This book is powerful. For a short story it is a one-two punch. I hope everyone reads this story just so we can discuss it. This is another twisted book that makes you feel all the damn feels.  I highly recommend this read. While Amber Bardan is a new to me author, I will follow her wherever she might go.



They caught me. Naked, shivering and dripping after a spontaneous swim in the forest. Two rugged men whose hard gazes captivated and scared me all at once.

They warned me. Told me I was on private property and I needed to obey the law…or I would be punished.

The idea of them both punishing me, pleasuring me, kept tormenting me. I couldn’t want them. I shouldn’t. But I did.

I didn’t mean to trespass again. I thought I could retreat without notice. But they’re coming for me.

To show me the pleasure in pain. To show me just how right forbidden can feel. And to love me twice as hard as I ever fantasized.  

Read an excerpt.