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Nalini Singh

It would amaze me beyond imagination if there’s a reader out there who doesn’t like any of Nalini Singh‘s books.

We’re happy to have a chat with Nalini today to celebrate the release of the seventh book in her Guild Hunter series. We also have a review of Archangel’s Shadows today, as well as an excerpt.

So take a few minutes to chat with Nalini and then check out the other goodies we have for you!

DUCK CHAT: Many fans of your Psy-Changeling series have not yet moved over to this series. What do you think is stopping them from doing so? Any words of wisdom you might share with these fans in encouragement?

NALINI SINGH: It’s hard for me to say why some readers may not want to try this series. The concept may simply not appeal, which is totally understandable. I think the fact the Guild Hunter series features the same couple in multiple books may have discouraged some readers, as it gives the series more of an urban fantasy vibe.

If any readers are worried about the latter, I’m very happy to tell you that the romance in this series is just as powerful as in my Psy-Changeling books. For me, it’s about exploring how a relationship works between a mortal (or former mortal) and a powerful immortal – I want to go with them into their happy ever after in a world as beautiful as it is dangerous.

DC: Many of your key characters, especially the ones that your readers fall in love with, have extreme trauma in their youth that shapes them to be the people they become.  Raphael’s entire cadre is like this, and even light-hearted Bluebell.  What or who inspired them?

NS: Characters come to me as they are – the Guild Hunter world, in particular, is quite dark and often brutal. It makes sense that characters will have been brushed by that darkness at some point in their lives. Yet they aren’t all doom and gloom – Elena might have a tough past, but she also has a sharp sense of humor and is deeply loyal to her friends. Each character has many facets.

The Psy-Changeling world is “warmer” in many ways, so there are more characters who have a more stable backstory, particularly when it comes to the changelings – Mercy’s entire family, for example.

DC: How do you feel your male or female characters have evolved over your career? Do you think you write them differently now than you did when you started?

I don’t consciously write characters any differently, but I’ve grown and changed as a writer through the years, and that’s reflected in my work. I do think I’m far more comfortable writing edgier/darker characters now than I was at the very start of my career – Raphael or Kaleb Krychek for example.

DC: How much of the real-life Ashwini did you use as you created her character?

NS: Just her name. Ashwini in the book is her own person, as is the real-life Ashwini.

DC: Clearly you are very focused on your writing, because not only did you just start a new series, but you’re also able to keep your fans happy with timely new releases in existing series. Is there anything that distracts you from sitting down and working/writing?

NS: Oh yes, I can find things to procrastinate about just like anyone else – whether it’s catching up on a favorite television show or planning my next trip. However, writing is my passion and something I love to do, so I don’t have to push myself too hard to get back to it – it’s still my hobby as well as my career.

DC: Where and how do you see your new series evolving?

NS: I’ve known from the start that the Rock Kiss series will have five entries. I had a very clear idea of the scope of the series before I began. As I already write two long-running series, I wanted to do a more contained series.

So there will be stories about the four band members, Fox (Rock Addiction), David (Rock Courtship), Noah, and Abe, plus a story about the best friend of the heroine from Rock Addiction. Each story will have its own unique emotional feel – Rock Addiction is gritty and sexy, while Rock Courtship is sweetly romantic, and the next book will be witty and funny and romantic at the same time.

DC: What has been your favorite book cover from all of your releases and why?

NS: I can’t choose! I’ve been very lucky with my covers.

DC: What is the best thing about being a full-time romance author? What’s the most challenging?

Being able to do what I love is the best part of it. The most challenging is probably time management – I have to make sure I meet deadlines and that’s solely my responsibility. No one else will tell me to work every day. I have to sit down and do it.

Lightning Round:

– dark or milk chocolate?   – Both!

– smooth or chunky peanut butter?   – Smooth.

– heels or flats?   – Heels.

– coffee or tea?    – Tea.

– summer or winter?   – Summer (though winter has a cold, pure beauty so I flip between the two).

– mountains or beach?   – Beach. I love the sound of the waves.
– mustard or mayonnaise?   – Neither.
– flowers or candy?   – Why do I have to choose?!
– pockets or purse?   – Purse.
– Pepsi or Coke?   – Neither.
– ebook or print?   – Both.
And because we still enjoy the answers we get:1.What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

I can’t limit my answer to one thing – I believe in being open to inspiration from whichever source it may come.

2. What sound or noise do you love?

The sound of the ocean.
3. What sound or noise do you hate?

The classic nails on a chalkboard. *shudders*

4. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Astronaut – I’d love to see space. (I’d also be writing all about it, of course!)