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Veena’s review of Purely Professional by Elia Winters
Erotic Romance published by Carina Press 13 Jan 14

D/s is that hot commodity that sells, so authors and editors nowadays make sure to color sexual encounters in their books in varying shades of D/s. This books comes like a breath of fresh air from a debut author about a woman’s journey into finding the true sexual woman she’s born to be and the powerful man who came into her life to help her professionally but then stayed as the life partner, which is something they both need and want. Funnily enough, it all started because……she pretended to be a submissive who’s living a lifestyle she knows nothing about.

Poor Bridget! She writes for an edgy magazine that wants to increase readership by riding the latest alphabet wave. Her editor wants her to contribute her personal experiences through an exclusive column, which, if it succeeds, could help Bridget write her ticket to success at the magazine.

Desperate for a promotion and career boost, she now has to deliver the goods or fall flat on her face. Fortunately, a friend comes to the rescue and sets up an introduction to a local Dom who can help her with her research in a purely professional way. Except he turns out to be her neighbor, who she’s been attracted to since they moved next door to each other. And, truth to tell, she’s been a little jealous about all those beautiful women who are in and out of his home at all hours.

Max is a wonderful Dominant. He leads Bridget through the paces, helping her uncover the hidden submissive she never knew existed. I have read many books on the subject – who hasn’t these days – but this one just reaches out and grabs me because it’s so real and believable. There are no clubs and artificial experiences that are foreign elements to many of us. There’s no youthful angst or abused childhood trauma that have shaped them into who they are. They are just two people, like you and me, who have a series of dates or encounters that are more edgy than normal. In fact, there’s an interesting, very edgy scene when Bridget sits in on one of Max’s lectures to his college students.

If Bridget’s readers are like me, it’s no wonder that her ratings are soaring and her editors are ecstatic and the promotion is in the big. But is it all on false pretenses? Or isn’t it? Because she does truly write about her experience, even if her initial claim of experience was false. Is there the possibility of a long-term relationship for both of them?

Grade: A


Columnist Bridget Hartwell agrees to write about BDSM to impress her new executive editor at Sultry, the “sex-positive magazine for sex-positive women.” Unfortunately, it’s a topic she knows absolutely nothing about…but if she ever wants that promotion, she’ll need to learn the ropes, fast.

English professor Max Harlow is active in the Dom/sub scene, but only for casual play—he’s never found his ideal partner: a woman who is his equal, but sexually submissive. When he’s asked to explain the lifestyle to his cute but obviously inexperienced neighbor, Max is certain it’s best to approach it academically—to keep things purely professional.

Until Bridget’s first article is a huge hit, giving her the perfect excuse to delve deeper into the naturally submissive side of her sexuality. But as their encounters intensify and each of her boundaries is skillfully pushed, Bridget must decide what this all means… for her identity, her career, and, most importantly, her future with Max.

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