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helenkay dimonThank you for having me here today to talk about my newest release, Mercy. This one is an erotic romance with a bit of suspense. The suspense is more in the background. The focus here is really on the hero and heroine and how they try to find their way back to each other through all the lies, mistrust, and betrayals from their previous relationship.

Hey, love is hard.

Book Cover

Jarrett Holt is a millionaire supper club owner in Washington, DC. Now he’s considered a powerbroker, the guy in the know in a town full of very powerful people. Years ago he was something very different – a guy who ran the streets and did things he doesn’t like to talk about. He doesn’t trust easily or have many friends. So when the one woman he did trust and let into his life – the same one who betrayed him by working undercover to destroy him – comes back seeking help, he helps but insist it be on his terms.

But don’t worry. Becca Ford is not a pushover. Oh, no. She knows he’s angry and is willing to let him stew…but on her terms:

He turned back around as his hand dropped. His focus switched from the phone to her. “Despite the great sex, I still own the building and I’m in charge.”

Boiling. Rage. “Don’t do that.”


“Be a giant douche.”

She thought she saw the corner of his mouth twitch. Normally this is the point where he’d double down and his jerkiness would escalate off the charts. Instead, he sighed. He was not the sighing type.

“Remember how when you got here you didn’t say anything but yes to whatever I asked you to do?”

“Only too well.” She moved some files and made room for her thigh on the corner of the table. “A momentary lapse brought on by the fear of death, I assure you.”

“The rules haven’t changed.”

“Jarrett, honestly, you’re smarter than that. The rules changed almost immediately. I am not your sex doll or your slave.”

It felt good to finally unload. For days she’d been accepting, waging a war of defiance without saying a word. Those days were over.

She no longer believed he’d kick her out or physically hurt her. Every day, in quiet moments, she saw the warmth in his eyes and felt the want in his touch. He might shout and throw around words like betrayal, he might even still hate her a little, but underneath he needed something from her. She was willing to give it to him if he stopped being an ass.

How can they not end up together?

[Ed. HelenKay is offering a copy  of Mercy to one lucky commenter today, so leave her a meaningful question or comment!]