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Thursday, December 5, 2013 0:00
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Sandy M’s review of I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Coming Home, Book 6.5) by Jessica Scott
Contemporary Romance novella published by Forever Yours 5 Nov 13

This is my first Jessica Scott book, and it certainly won’t be my last. I wish I hadn’t found this series so late, with six books already written. After meeting Vic and Nicole Carponti, I want to read more about Ms. Scott’s brave military heroes and the heroines who support them no matter what. Because of the emotion that fills this book, I have a feeling she’s going to be one of those authors whose books I can’t wait to get to as every new release date draws near.

Vic’s upcoming deployment is weighing heavily on his mind, as well as his wife’s. There’s something telling them both that this time around will be different, and that’s what keeps the reader glued to the pages in the beginning. Waiting for that something to happen, what could it be? We know – at least we think we do – that it won’t be Vic’s death, he’s our hero after all. But how far will the author go when it comes down to that feeling of impending doom?

So with that in mind, we get into the wonderful marriage of Vic and Nicole. Because Vic loves being a soldier, Nicole is the typical military wife who keeps the home fires burning. As difficult as it is seeing him off for each deployment, she’ll do it as many times as necessary. Their parting this time is intense and heartfelt. Then we get a look inside their lives as they’re separated by war. Nicole’s world is filled with the stress of worry about her husband. She sleeps in his shirt and dabs his cologne on to keep his scent around her and the computer is always booted up for that long-awaited email or even to Skype with him, if Vic can pull that off.

When first meeting Vic, he’s a jokester through and through. So much so you wonder if he takes anything seriously, but you can definitely see through the cracks to the heart of the man when needed. He tries to keep up a lightness for Nicole when it’s time for him to leave. Then when it comes to his men, nothing and no one will bring them down at the wrong time. Facing life and death every day, Vic is determined to keep the laughter in their lives, even in the face of superiors and discipline. On top of that, you have to admire the man for what he does for his fellow soldiers when he’s also being eaten up inside when his superior and friend is devastatingly injured. That’s what keeps Vic vacillating between making sure he’s home with Nicole for Christmas or staying with his men to keep their morale high and make sure they make it through the next fight. The emotion that eventually overtakes him is a long time coming.

And then when the “something” that you’ve been waiting for happens, it’s a whole new set of worries for both Vic and Nicole. It’s that man/woman thing and how they look at everything so differently. Will Vic’s fear that his wife will finally walk away happen now? Nicole’s only thought is he’s home, nothing else matters. There’s other side issues that go along with it all, but I love the way Ms. Scott keeps the line of communication open so this very charismatic couple can work out anything they face.

Of course, there are secondary characters you also get caught up in, one I’m hoping will have their own story, because you’re definitely left hanging with no resolution where they’re concerned. Not having read any of the previous books, I didn’t pick up on the subtle nuances between characters, but all of those interactions still come across quite well, despite what you know about them. Discovering that Ms. Scott herself is career Army sheds a whole new light on her writing and the emotion involved. She has a rare inside bead on what really happens on both sides of war.

As a reader, thank you for that, Ms. Scott, and as an American, thank you for your service.

sandym-iconGrade: A


Sergeant Vic Carponti takes everything as a joke, even the war. And yet, as he leaves on this latest deployment, even the resolute struggles to keep everyone around him smiling. As Carponti faces his darkest fear, it is his wife Nicole’s steadfast love and support that will get him through.

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