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Ever wonder how an anthology comes together? Well, let me tell you, it’s not just unicorns and rainbows. Okay, it sort of is LOL. This book came together because Lia Davis and I wanted to put our shifter novellas out there together and thought the more the merrier.

Book Cover

It just so happened I got to work with some amazing authors to get this one done. Each novella is set in its own world and series, yet all surround the same theme.

A shifter who was on the sidelines of our mind who needs to find love.

It’s not that they aren’t looking.

No, each of these characters are actually looking for their mates.

Now, how did this come to play? Well, let me tell you how I met each of these authors.

I met Rebecca Royce first. I was a fan of her work and we were talking about writing books. She told me I should give it a shot since I was trying it out somewhat. She gave me the push I needed and a year later I was a published author. She’s also the one who gave me the plot bunny for the Dante’s Circle series and, therefore, somewhat responsible for my novella in Ever After.

I met Lia Davis next. We started out as crit partners in a group of 70 romance authors.  A group, ironically, Rebecca invited me to.We eventually became friends, sole crit partners, business partners, writing partners, and BFFs. I met Leia Shaw in this same group. She totally helped me when I first started out and I fell in love with her shifters there.

Oddly enough, the last person I met was the first person of all of them that I had read. I love Marie Harte’s work, and one day I think I messaged her about something promo-wise. I was totally fan-girling and now we’re friends. Okay, I tell myself that and I hope she does the same thing.  🙂

So when I was looking for authors to join in this endeavor, I wanted authors who loved shifters, romance, angst, and paranormal like I do.

I think we got it right.

[Ed. Carrie Ann is very kindly giving away a swag pack and winner’s choice of one book from her backlist. Leave her a meaningful question or comment to be entered!]