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Book CoverVeena’s review of Ruby (Facets of Passion, Book 3) by Jeffe Kennedy
Contemporary Erotic Romance published by Carina Press 13 May 13

I have not read the other books in the series, but I quite enjoyed this one. It is an erotic romance with some beautiful moments exchanged between the two protagonists. Beautiful Danielle Sosa is at the pinnacle of success, having achieved her goal of a dream job in Paris, when a quick stop for lunch changes her life forever.

She encounters temperamental chef Bobby Prejean, who throws a fit when she wants to alter his masterpiece to suit her needs. He throws her out of his restaurant, refusing to serve her. This starts an unparalleled journey of self-realization for Danielle into discovering through the erotic world of BDSM of who she really is.

Bobby shows her a hidden world in New Orleans with masks and whips and floggers and a lot of sex. She agrees to spend one night with him incognito. As they wrap up a delicious night with a decadent breakfast catered by this famous chef, all Danielle knows is that she’s not ready for it to end.

Conscientious Dani, who is so on top of everything, suddenly finds work not as attractive as it used to be and one night with her master lover not enough. As she comes back for more nights, she blends in her new world with her old and creates a fabulous photo shoot that really embodies the mystique of the New Orleans/Mardi Gras/BDSM world.

As her friends and co-workers see this side of Danielle and begin questioning her, she feels that perhaps Bobby has suppressed her free will and she needs to break free of his hold on her. As she safe words on Bobby and returns to her safe life, she finds that this world has also abandoned her and suddenly she’s adrift.

Has Danielle lost everything or in reality has she found everything? You’ll have to read the book to find out. I think what I like most is Danielle’s journey of self-realization. How often do we all lose track of what’s truly important as we get sucked into staying afloat in our day-to-day humdrum lives?

Grade: B-


Danielle Sosna has no problem denying herself in order to achieve her goals—after all, that attitude landed her a dream job at Vogue Paris. But in New Orleans for one last assignment before heading overseas, she’s faced with the most decadent of temptations. Seductive Cajun chef Bobby Prejean takes Dani’s strength of will as a challenge, and offers her a night of wild indulgence—if she will agree to obey his every command.

Dani can’t resist Prejean’s invitation to join him in a world of carnal desire, complete with fetish costumes and masks. Determined to keep her emotional distance, she gives Prejean everything but her name. A night becomes a week, as she spends Mardi Gras suspended in the delicious space where pleasure meets pain.

Too late, she realizes the cloak of anonymity has not protected her—and that chasing her dream might come at the expense of her heart.

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