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Book Cover Dinca’s review of The Seal’s Stolen Child by Laura Marie Altom
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin American Romance 27 Nov 12

I usually hand the author a lot of credit because they complete a work of art regardless of how I might feel about it. This time I am just not finding many positive things to say. I did not discover any typos. That’s one positive. It’s a Harlequin, and it is classified as a romance. I do not see it or feel it. I am surprised I finished it.

I’m not sure what Garret Solomon’s SEAL status has to do with anything in this story. Not even his missions with his team ring true. I feel left hanging when Garret is on the mission, being fired upon, and then all of a sudden he is home again. If the author had touched a little more on that theme, the story may have had more substance.

This book is an example of telling and not showing how the characters feel. I never could feel any passion from Eve and Garrett. I can’t establish a rapport with these characters. There is more feeling from his mother and aunt than I find with the two main characters. I just kept reading to see what would happen with the stolen child. I don’t really care what happenes with the hero and heroine.

The redhead following Eve around is a little dumb. You would think they would have jumped on that before waiting so long. Thank goodness for pregnancy tests or you would not have had any story line at all, except for the tears and going through the deceased father’s files. I find all this a tad boring. Not even the sex scene is emotional and it could not, by any means, be referred to as a love scene. Even the characters don’t think so.

I started with the second book in the series Operation Family. It is about a three-man SEAL team that discovers love and family all at the same time.  I don’t know if I will go back and read the first book, A SEAL’s Secrete Baby. I am still undecided.

Dincas iconGrade: F


He’s defended his country and upheld the code of the navy SEALs, but Garrett Solomon has never faced a mission quite like this. As teenagers, he and Eve Barnesworth were passionately in love. Eve’s unplanned pregnancy only deepened his commitment to her. But Eve’s powerful father, fearing a scandal, whisked her away. As far as Garrett and Eve knew, their baby had died—and with it, their love. Years later, the loss and betrayal still pain Garrett deeply.

Then comes shocking news: the child is still alive. Determined to find their stolen son, Garrett and Eve join forces. Working together is strictly business…until it isn’t. Because it seems their powerful attraction—like the child they once thought was gone forever—is still very much alive.

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