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Book CoverComing up with a few words for a blog has always been hard for me, as evidenced by my erratic posts on my own blog. I think of a topic to write about, but then I think, “Oh, no one will be interested in this.” And I abandon it. Or I think, “Uh-oh, if I write about this, some group will be offended.” So I hand-wring and try to figure out what to say.

Since this is a blog about reading, the topic I’ll choose is my latest book, The Tycoon.

This book is Book #1 in a trilogy I’ve entitled “The Sons of Texas.” The whole series is sort of a family saga about an old Texas family, wealthy in land, cattle and oil, but dysfunctional. The premise is how the brawls and battles and infidelities of the parents and even the grandparents have affected the latest generation (three sons and a daughter) and made them mistrustful of relationships.

As I’ve written it, the children turn out to be better than the parents, although they each have their challenges in finding permanent life partners. Being rich doesn’t solve all of their problems.

The Tycoon is the story of the oldest son, Drake, finding love in an unexpected place with an unexpected woman. He’s a man who appears to have everything but faith in the fairer sex. When it comes to women, his attitude is jaded and even hard.  ….  For Shannon, the heroine, it’s a Cinderella story. She’s a savvy, hard-working woman trying to make a success of a small business when she runs into Drake. Her approach to defending against heartbreak from a man way out of her league is to confine their relationship to “just sex.” This is a plan marked for failure from the beginning and Shannon and Drake’s journey toward love and mutual trust is the story.

A crime occurs in Book #1 that affects the whole family. It won’t be solved until Book #3. The investigation of it will carry through Book #2, The Cattleman, which I’m about 7 chapters into at present.

The Tycoon, like all of the books I’ve written, is a character-driven story full of foibles and inner conflicts. None of the story people are perfect. Although, I will say all of my heroines are beautiful and smart and all of my heroes are handsome alpha males. *g* … The plot is the journey of the hero and heroine toward a happy ever after. No serial killers, no mutilated bodies, no supernatural characters. Just ordinary, everyday people trying to get along in their little corner of the world. People like me. And you.

When I set out with a story, I never know if I’ve proved the premise until I get feedback from readers. Even the opinions of professional editors isn’t as educational as the opinions of reviewers and the reading public. So I hope you’ll comment and let me know what you think. All opinions are important.

I spent two years on The Tycoon, longer than I’ve ever spent on a book. I’ve revised it a dozen times, trying to get at the heart of the issues between the two main characters. It’s the first book I’ve self-published completely from scratch. Self-publishing is a trial-and-error endeavor, I’ve discovered. Some of the most challenging work began after the story was written. I’ve learned a few things with publishing The Tycoon, so hopefully, The Cattleman will take less time and go a little smoother.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy Drake and Shannon’s story.

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