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Book CoverDinca’s review of Handpicked Husband (Texas Grooms, Book 1) by Winnie Griggs
Inspirational Historical Romance published by Harlequin Love Inspired 4 Sep 12

Well, nobody is perfect! These two people take a new look at the world though the eyes of the other and work their way through the shadows that obscure any future happiness they may have together. It just takes 288 delightful pages to see the mastermind at work behind the scenes. Keep in mind that this is a Love Inspired and very enjoyable from cover to cover.

Handpicked Husband is entertaining from beginning to end. I had a hard time putting it down. I like that Reggie, Regina Nash, has so many grooms to choose from, even if she doesn’t want any of them. There is nothing more entertaining than an old coot who thinks he knows it all, especially if he is a judge. You got to love’em. I have had one in my life, so I know the drill.

Regina Nash lives in Turnabout, located in Northeast Texas, in 1894.  Philadelphia Judge Madison, her grandfather, has created a lottery for her to pick a husband. The proposed grooms will win a business of their choice by just participating in the lottery and abiding by all the rules.  Reggie does not make it easy on them, since she wants them all to withdraw so she doesn’t have to make a choice at all. She put these poor fellas through their own personal hell.  Sometimes you love playing by the rules and Reggie is making the most of it.

Adam Barr really doesn’t want to be in Turnabout, Texas taking care of the Judge’s business. He has his own mess to clean up back in Philadelphia. He needs to find out who framed him and sent him to prison for six years. Although watching Regina put her suitors through their paces is quite entertaining.  He is so sure that the contract they all signed is airtight and she will have to marry one of them – or see her nephew Jack shipped off to boarding school.  Adam is very glad he is not in the running for the little vixen’s hand in marriage. He’s not convinced Reggie would make anyone a good wife. She definitely marches to her own drummer – and sings to it too.

The first part of the story is funny and cute and very entertaining. I am astounded by a lot toward the end of the story line. I really wanted to see what vengeance Adam could dredge up for the bad guy who wronged him. I’m as surprised as you will be at the outcome. I feel Ms. Griggs conveyed many emotional currents with all the characters woven very nicely throughout the book. I know she created some in this reader. There is a lot of food for thought going on in the story.

This book was first published in 2005 as Lady’s Choice and is now revised; the novel is the first in the four-book series Texas Grooms. You can never get enough of Texas Grooms, even if they are imported from Philadelphia. Each of the grooms for the remaining stories appears in this book.  I am looking forward to all of them. They already have very well-developed characters and deserve a fresh start with the love of their life. There are a few typos, but that did not ruin the story and there was never a time that I had to reread to make it work.

Dincas iconGrade: A


Free-spirited photographer Regina Nash is ready to try. But unless she marries one of the gentlemen her grandfather has sent for her inspection, she’ll lose custody of her nephew. So she must persuade them—and Adam Barr, her grandfather’s envoy—that she’d make a thoroughly unsuitable wife.

Adam isn’t convinced. Regina might be unconventional, but she has wit, spirit and warmth. His job was to make sure Regina chose from the men he escorted to Texas—not to marry her himself! Can they overcome the secrets in her past, and the shadows in his, to find a perfect future together?

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