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Yes, yes…I know I’m late getting my list ready for you, faithful reader.

Life gets busy sometimes and I get distracted.

But here I am with my list! Yay!! Onward!

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Best paranormal: Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh

I know some people thought it didn’t focus enough on the main couple or whatever… but I like that, as the series evolves, it becomes more about the community – while still having a central romance (or two), of course.


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Best fantasy: Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison

Ooooh, your own person djinn to grant wishes?  Awesome!  Plus, some hints about the direction the Elder Races series will be taking.



Biggest glom: Elle Kennedy

In 2012, I read ALL of Ms. Kennedy’s Out ofUniform series.

The key word ineach title is some variation of HOT and the series totally delivers, FYI.  Yowza!

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Best new contemporary series:  Black Knights Inc by Julie Ann Walker

If you’re a fan of old school Suzanne Brockmann, you should totally check out this series.  Fun!

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Best historical series: Turner brothers “Un-” series by Courtney Milan

Sure, the series actually started in 2011 and only wrapped up with a novella in 2012…but I was behind! Anyhoo….calling all historical fans that are tired of reading about lords and ladies – if you haven’t tried Courtney Milan’s historicals, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.


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Best historical:  A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare

This entry in the Spindle Cove series takes us on a road trip. I love me some road trip stories.



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Best contemporary: About That Night  by Julie James

A hero who looks like Sawyer from Lost and is a computer genius??  Yes, please!




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Best series finale: Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day

You know how some long-running series go out with a whimper? That SO did not happen here!  From the first page to the last, Heart of Atlantis is a true grand finale!



Best Trap for the Unwary: sucked back into the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

Gah.  I had made my escape, I thought…I knew there were things in A Breath of Snow and Ashes I didn’t want to read, so the book had lingered in Mt. TBR since it was released.  Suddenly last summer I was sucked back in and read ALL THE BOOKS (plus some of the Lord John books).  And now I’m back to patiently waiting for the next (but not the last) book.  *le sigh*

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Biggest shark jump: Lothaire by Kresley Cole

I have enjoyed most of the IAD series but the last few books have taken a violent turn – too violent for my tastes.  The stories are still interesting and I still like seeing favorite recurring characters but Lothaire’s book was just too much – and not in a good way.


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Biggest disappointment: the Smythe-Smith series by Julia Quinn

I love me some Julia Quinn books – you know this about me, faithful reader.  The Smythe-Smith quartet (one of which released in 2012) – long requested and muchly anticipated – continues to disappoint, though.  I still hope for a return for the light-hearted, fun and interesting stories I know Ms. Quinn is capable of producing, though.


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Most intriguing new author: Katie Porter

If you are interested in romances that show some more alternative interests (role play, BDSM, etc.) or just are looking for some hot stories from a new voice, I recommend trying Ms. Katie Porter. Each book is better than the last.


So there you have it, faithful reader! I must say 2012 was a pretty good reading year and I have high hopes for 2013 – I’ll save those for another post though. 😀 So what were some of your favorite reads last year?? Inquiring minds want to know!