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Book Cover Dinca’s review of Dade (The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch, Book 2) by Delores Fossen
Romance published by Harlequin Intrigue  29 Nov 2011

I love this adrenaline-pumped novel just as much as the first one in the series of The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch. The romance is as action packed as the flying bullets.  Ms. Fossen has done a riveting job of keeping my e-reader in my hand until the very end.

Kayla Brennan doesn’t know who to trust. Dade Ryland shows up and someone opens fire on her house and her bodyguard is killed. Now she doesn’t have a choice but to go to the deputy sheriff. No matter what her feeling are about the Ryland clan, the protection of her eleven-month-old baby comes first. Kayla married into what appeared to be a glamorous life of wealth, which provided the cover of a mob family. To extricate her son from this life, she has to turn State’s evidence on her deceased husband’s father. Nothing, not her distrust of the Ryland’s or her attraction to Dade, can keep her from it.

Dade suspects everyone, and at the top of his list is the very beautiful person he has to protect. After all, she may have been involved in the murder of his twin brother’s wife. His protect mode comes into full effect when he is handed Robbie, her son and the grandson of the accused mob boss who has a hit out on Kayla, his own daughter-in-law.   Dade finds the lines cross when attraction and adrenaline crash over and over again. He finds it impossible to separate the two emotions, when looking at her creates a rush through his body.

Once again, there is not a clear picture of the good guys and the bad guys. I can’t believe Ms. Fossen keeps me guessing until the very end. Just when you think it’s over, it is only a pause in the drama. I think a statement is referring to the next book in the series, but no, there is another bad guy in the wings. I do believe Ms. Fossen has me hooked on her novels and, once again, I started on the next book in the series in the middle of the night.

Dincas iconGrade: A


Kayla Brennan doesn’t want Texas lawman Dade Ryland’s protection. For one thing, his family hates her. For another, the attraction between them is too hot to handle—just like Dade. When the bullets begin to fl y, Dade shields her and her baby boy. But the question is, how long before Dade decides she’s in on the crime?

Kayla’s testimony is all Dade should want…especially since he suspects Kayla was involved in the death of a Ryland family member. Yet the fact that they’re enemies only makes the animal attraction between them stronger. And more dangerous. For the killer is not who he seems, and is far closer than Dade ever imagined.…

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