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Book Cover Dinca’s review of Grayson (The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch, Book 1) by Delores Fossen
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Intrigue 1 Nov 11

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next five in the Ryland brothers series, The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch. Ms. Flossen has outdone herself. Romance is sprinkled nicely throughout this murder mystery, along with several twists and turns that have you suspect all the questionable players. I never was sure who the murderer would turn out to be until the culprit was finally reveled. It was a total surprise.

Sherriff Grayson Ryland is sworn to protect. He soon finds protecting his old flame is putting his heart on the line. He has to keep her with him, but doing so keeps her from her heart’s desire until he agrees to try to give her what she needs most.

Eve Warren has come home to ask a once-in-a-lifetime favor from an old friend. It’s her last chance to conceive a child. Early menopause is taking its toll on her body. She had 48 hours to become pregnant. Now someone has blown up her house, cut the brake line on her car, and is shooting at her.

I find this plot refreshing with a twist when the heroine is shot protecting the hero. We know she cannot die because we have an HEA to get to, and I received another surprise when the story does not end in the hospital on Christmas Day. There are ooohs and aaahs and more of an “Oh, man, I can’t believe they did that.” And, once again, I’m surprised at how the story comes by its HEA.

I enjoyed this story so much. Then I started Dade, the next book, in the middle of the night. That must be the reason this review is so short, so I can get back to that book and then on to the next!

Dincas iconGrade: A


Sheriff Grayson Ryland wasn’t easily shocked. But then his old flame, Eve Warren, returns to Silver Creek for the sole purpose of asking him to impregnate her. And although he’s never forgiven Eve for walking away and breaking his heart, her anguish is hard to watch. Before he can reject the most hardheaded—yet still impossibly alluring—woman in Texas, he has to protect her. An attempt on her life thrusts the two of them into a dangerous murder investigation—and an even more dangerous liaison. In the heat of the moment, Grayson may be able to forgive Eve…but is he willing to give her what she so desperately wants?

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