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LynneC’s review  of All He Ever Wanted by Emily McKay
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Desire 2 Oct 12

I don’t believe the setup on this one. A tyrant on his deathbed tells his two legitimate sons and an illegitimate one that he has a daughter he didn’t know about. If they don’t find her, then he’ll leave his company to the state rather than to them.

Really? He’s spent his life moneygrubbing and gaining power and his sons believe him when he threatens to give it away? They meekly go off to find this woman. For a start, even if he disowned the child and its mother, the mother could have constrained him to take a DNA test in the court and demand support. Even if you hate the man’s guts, your child has rights, especially when the father is a millionaire.

He has doorstep sons masquerading as alphas, but they do what Daddy says. So now I’m out of this one, I’m probably out of the series, which is a shame.

Besides, this trope about the tyrant father who has sired children all over the place is just getting a bit tired. The series built around that have proliferated recently and this one is definitely tired. I just don’t want to read another.

The setup just didn’t work for me.

LynneCs iconGrade: DNF


After dedicating his life to his family’s company, Dalton Cain won’t let his father just give away a fortune. He’ll save his legacy. And he knows just the woman to help. But getting Laney Fortino to trust him again isn’t going to be easy. She still considers him a coldhearted jerk.

Years ago, he’d told himself he’d left Laney for her own good. But seeing her again, feeling the undeniable attraction between them, he vows to rekindle what he’d once thrown away. And this time, family won’t stand in the way.

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