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Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of The Navy SEAL’s Promise by Soraya Lane
Contemporary Romance novella ebook (Amazon only) published by Soraya Lane 27 Sep 12

Soraya Lane has written several books for Harlequin Romance, many of which I have enjoyed, and with her first self-published effort she delivers a light holiday read featuring a military couple and some roadside sexy times.

All United States Army Corporal Saskia Cullen wants to do is get home to Buffalo, New York to spend Christmas with her son.  A single mother, she was able to secure leave but only for 48 hours.  So getting grounded by a snowstorm is anything but ideal.  She promised her son she’d be home for Christmas and now it looks like she’s going to have to break that promise, though it is no fault of her own.

Before the plane was grounded, she was sitting next to Navy SEAL Luke Gray.  When he finds out the predicament she is in, Luke realizes that he wants to do whatever he can to get Saskia home for the holidays.  Now a widow, he once found himself breaking a promise to someone he loved and it still haunts him to this day.  If he has the resources to get Saskia home to her kid, he’s going to use them.  What he doesn’t plan on is falling head over heels for her.

This is a novella, so on a romance timeline it moves along at a very brisk pace.  Normally this sort of thing can be problematic for me, but it works well here, given the extreme circumstances the characters find themselves in, and the fact that they’re adult-acting people.  Both characters are military, clear-thinking, and while swept-up in the moment they find themselves in, they never behave in a silly manner.

It’s a gentle story with not a whole of plot conflict outside of the snowstorm.  This gives the characters a time to chat and succumb to their attraction.  I also like that they don’t dismiss the fact that they’ve only just met, having spent a mere 48 hours together.  To that end, Lane does a nice job of employing an epilogue to her story and does not rush with sweeping declarations of true love.  A nice holiday read that is sweet and sexy at the same time.

Wendy TSLGrade: B


With only 48 hours back on home soil for Christmas, United States Army Corporal Saskia Cullen is desperate to spend every minute with her young son. So when heavy snowfall closes JFK airport and she misses her connecting flight, she’s devastated. Until Navy SEAL Luke Gray offers to keep her company… and then does everything within his power to get her home.

Luke is back in the US on leave, waiting to hear the details of his next mission, and Saskia proves to be a pleasant distraction. And when he hears that she needs to get home to see her son, he’s prepared to do anything to help the sexy single mom. Trouble is, he hadn’t planned on falling for anyone, let alone a beautiful soldier about to return overseas.

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