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Book CoverTo add to the fun of this day, we’re going to be giving away some copies of Entangled. So if you’ve been following our posts throughout the day, you’ve made it this far to find out how to win!

A meaningful comment or question left on Liz Kreger’s guest blog is what will put you in the running. Now, remember, this is an e-copy only, not a print book. And right now it looks like it’s going to be a Kindle ebook. If we can figure out ways to get other versions for you, we will.  So get your Kindle ready, and there’s always the Kindle desktop application you can download for free! So please keep that little tidbit in mind if you decide to enter the contest.

In the meantime, it’s time for a look at Edie Ramer‘s addition to this amazing anthology. Who doesn’t love a good kitty story? 🙂

She pulled up in front of the castle. One of the two oversized double doors opened.

A man marched out, head high, back straight. She was unimpressed. As a former actress, Tory immediately knew what he was doing. Making an entrance. The lights from the iron lampposts outside the entrance, along with the moonlight shining down on him, were his theater lights. She was his audience.

She opened the car door and got out. Keeping the car between them, she peered over the roof at him.

Her breath sucked in. She hadn’t expected him to look like a prince out of a fairy tale. Golden brown hair, pale gold complexion. Black jeans covered long legs and lean hips. A black turtleneck clung to broad shoulders, a great chest, a flat belly. And his face…every angle sculpted, every feature yummy.

She didn’t have to look at his lower parts to know they were in pretty good shape, too.


She turned her gaze from him and opened the door wider to let Samson jump out.

Bad, Samson scolded her. Bad.

“You’re late.” Damon’s voice wasn’t warm and happy, either.

“Where’s Nikki?” She shut the door but stayed on her side of the car.

He stared at her, and she felt the power of his gaze on her face.

“Come closer,” he said. “Where I can see you.”

She braced her feet. “Where’s Nikki?”


“Bring her outside.”

“Are you afraid?”


“Paranoid,” he said.

She shrugged. “I must be. I emailed my brothers, telling them where I was.”

“Would they come after me?”

“If I went missing, count on it.”

His teeth flashed and he laughed, exultation coming off of him in waves. Instead of making him angry or concerned, her words amused him. Gave him power.

He wouldn’t laugh after he saw them. But Sorcha was the one he really needed to worry about. Sorcha was…unusual. She didn’t have the same respect for laws as her brothers. She said men created them, and she wasn’t a man. She did what she felt was right, and the hell with anyone who got in her way.

Right now, Tory wanted to be more like Sorcha than her brothers.

“Either you bring Nikki outside, or I’m outta here.”

His laughter shut off. The air changed. Becoming denser, heavier, darker.

She forced herself to hold her spine straight, her chin up. Breathe, she reminded herself. Breathe.