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What Price Love?

I’m so happy to be here today and to have an opportunity to tell you about Waking Up with the Duke.

I knew going in that the premise was a little risky—a man getting his best friend’s wife with child—and that writing the story would be a challenge, but I loved every moment of it.

The Duke of Ainsley first appeared in Passions of a Wicked Earl. He is the half-brother of the Earl of Westcliffe and Sir Stephen Lyons. He has a prestigious title, wealth, charm. And a reputation as an attentive lover. What woman wouldn’t want to be his wife? So I had him fall in love with a married woman. Did I also mention that he’s honorable? He would never take another man’s woman to his bed.

But that is exactly what he will do—at great personal cost.

However the story is so much more. It touches on love/devotion between friends, between a husband and wife, among family. Each of the characters goes into the arrangement to make someone else happy—then they all have to live with the consequences.

But rest assured there is a happy ending.

One of the things I struggled with while writing the story was: is there too high a price to pay for someone else’s happiness? Is it really possible to do the wrong thing for the right reason?

What do you think?

Anyone who posts today will be entered in a drawing. One lucky person will receive autographed copies of the first two books in the London’s Greatest Lovers series.

[Ed. – Lorraine is currently getting settled in New York for the 2011 RWA conference, but she will pop in and out as her schedule allows today!]