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Book CoverC2’s review of Rules of an Engagement by Suzanne Enoch
Historical Romance published by Avon 26 October 10

With Rules of an Engagement, Suzanne Enoch – BEWARE Flash-driven website – brings together two of her series: the Adventurers’ Club books and the Lessons in Love series.  (Have you read England’s Perfect Hero, faithful reader??  Because you should!)  Plus there are pirates!

Our hero is Captain Bradshaw Carroway.  Shaw has just returned to England after battling the French in the Mediterranean.  He thinks he might be losing his fighting instinct and isn’t sure what that might mean for his career in the British Navy.  When he receives orders to sail to Australia – and is asked to deliver a package for the Duke of Sommerset (head of the Adventurers’ Club) – Shaw sees a chance to figure out where his life is headed.  In Australia, Shaw and his crew receive new orders.  They are to transport a famous botanist and his daughter around the South Pacific and assist in the gathering of specimens.

Our heroine, Miss Zephyr Ponsley, has been her father’s research assistant since her mid-teens.  Since she grew up away from England’s social structure, Zephyr is a breath of fresh air to Shaw (heh…see what I did there?). Zephyr is accustomed to being in the company of scholars – which Shaw is not – so their interactions are filled with all sorts of fun banter. Eventually she figures out that Shaw is much brighter than she originally thought.  And he sees that she is not just a stuffy bluestocking.  I love banter and Suzie E writes some of the best around.

During their voyage around the South Pacific, Shaw and the rest of folks aboard the Nemesis encounter whales, friendly natives, giant spiders, cannibals and a host of other creatures – including pirates and a vengeful Frenchman.  Along the way, Shaw finally figures out the direction he wants his life to go – and Zephyr figures prominently in that life.  But what about what she wants?  Zephyr has traveled all over and moved in scholarly circles…even if she wanted to, would she be able to take her place in London society?

I always enjoy books where the hero is the one wanting to get serious. All that seducing and convincing – such fun!   🙂  If you enjoy playful banter and a hero bent on seduction, you should totally give Rules of an Engagement a try.  I think you’ll like it!

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Grade: A-


For proper young ladies, good behavior has always been the rule…

Captain Bradshaw Carroway loves the seafaring life—though he’d rather be battling brigands than his current assignment of ferrying a boatload of spoiled aristocrats. One passenger, however, has caught his eye: a bewitching young minx who definitely distracts him from the rules of shipboard decorum . . .

Some rules, of course, are meant to be broken.

Miss Zephyr Ponsley has traveled the world, but she’s completely innocent in the ways of love. She’s never learned to dance or flirt. But scientific observation has taught her that the laws of attraction have no rules, and that no adventure, on land or sea, is more dangerous—or delicious—than passion!

Read an excerpt (sorry it’s awkward!).

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