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pamela-clare.jpgPamela Clare is the author of one of my all time favorite historical novels, Ride the Fire, and sadly we have been waiting to see if her most recent series (MacKinnon’s Rangers) set in Colonial America would ever be finished.

We haven’t been waiting on the author but the publisher to give her the go ahead, since the setting sadly just ‘doesn’t sell’.

::pause for a cry::

Well Pamela just posted some FAB news!@!@!@

It will be a bit of a wait but Connor’s book will be out in 2012. She has moved all her books to Berkley (if you don’t already read her AMAZING I-TEAM series – it is Romantic Suspense pick it up!) Really you have time to pick up her whole back list if you have fallen behind or if you haven’t tried her out yet. Her historicals are grand and her Romantic Suspense is just getting better and better. You can find tons of reviews for both here just follow the tag

Congrats Pamela!

And yay me! Can I call it or what *G*.