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Book CoverSandy M’s review of A Highlander’s Homecoming (Daughters of the Glen, Book 6) by Melissa Mayhue
Time Travel Romance published by Pocket 26 Jan 10

Melissa Mayhue’s books are getting better and better, and if you haven’t read her yet, you are missing out on some flat-out great stories. Her Guardian books have been my favorites so far in this series, but AHH has nestled right alongside them in the No. 1 spot. Besides a terrific hero and heroine, it’s the time traveling that made this book so good.

At the end of A Highlander’s Destiny, it’s Robert who has volunteered to escort Leah, the heroine’s sister, who had been so torturously treated by Faeries, back in time so she cannot be located by those evil-doers again. This book picks up immediately with the planning stage for the trek in the works, dire warnings leveled about Fae magic, and the trip has begun. Of course, things go wrong from the beginning. Instead of landing at his home near the time he left ten years before, Robert ends up twenty years down the road, way past the time to follow through with his promise to a friend to take care of the man’s daughter. She’s no longer a young child.

In fact, Isabella is a definitely a grown woman with a mind of her own, living in a small cottage away from the grandfather she’s never gotten along with. She keeps him and everyone else at bay by appearing to be a ratty, dirty mad woman and that works for a while. Until Robert forces his way into her life. Refusing to be part of the clan politics, she returns to her home where she enjoys her solitude and an occasional visit from young Jamie, a child scared in the fire that killed his mother. Now, however, she has a protector, and Robert takes his duty seriously, even if he is a little late in getting started.

These two characters are, of course, the bright spot in the book. They are each opinionated, stubborn, and a lot of fun. Their attraction is palpable from the outset, and it grows steadily, but each tries to deny it for their own reasons. Though Isa wants nothing to do with her family, especially not wanting to inherit the whole kit and caboodle from her grandfather, she’s thrown into the middle of it all anyway, while doing her best to stay out of the enemies’ hands. She soon is grateful for Robert’s presence as well as his brawn.

Amidst all the danger, Robert has to deal with the effects of his time traveling, and Ms. Mayhue does a fantastic job in this respect. I also like the fact we get two separate instances of hurtling through time, one of which is not guaranteed to work at all. The only small disappointment I have is Robert not having the opportunity for goodbye for the second time in his life, which really surprised me because it would have been simple enough to do when all the players are present this time around.

If you love time travel, you should be reading Ms. Mayhue’s books. If you’re into Scottish historicals, you too should be reading this series. Heck, every romance reader should be reading these books just because they’re great stories. You will become a Melissa Mayhue fan in no time at all.

SandyMGrade: A+


Scotland, Present Day. When Faerie Magic swept Robert MacQuarrie forward in time, modern medicine saved him from a fatal wound. But he also left behind an unfulfilled vow—to protect his friend’s young daughter, Isabella. Haunted by guilt for over a decade, he leaps at the chance to go back and keep that vow. The magic of the Fae works in its own mysterious ways, however.

Scotland, 1292. Isabella MacGahan has reluctantly chosen a lonely existence, scorned for her Faerie blood and uncontrollable power. When she’s caught in a conflict between clans, a pawn in the struggle for power and land, her only option is to trust a handsome stranger. One who swears he was charged with her safety a full twenty years before… although the deluded man seems little older than she is.

No one is safe when Mortal schemes and Faerie magic push Robbie and Isabella to confront their worst fears. Will the magic demand the ultimate price from them both—or will they find their true homecoming in each other’s arms?

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