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Book CoverLiviania’s review of Lured by Lori Devoti
Paranormal romance released by Nocturne Bites 1 Jan 10

I enjoyed Lori Devoti’s Unbound series and Amazon Ink, so I happily picked up Lured for more of the same.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t more but less.

Annie is attached to her PDA, the stereotypical uptight businesswoman.  She’s recently become a werewolf, but thought she found a medical trial for a cure.  Instead, it was a trap.  Now, why a woman who is attached to her PDA did not research the trial or the address is not explained.  One of the complexities of a short story is the need to develop the characters much quicker.  Character inconsistencies are that much more apparent.

Theo is the alpha werewolf who rescues Annie, and then goes back to put a stop to the men who set the trap for good.  There isn’t much more to him.  I like the idea that he’s stronger with Annie, but it feels like true love happens to fast.  I followed the plot of Lured, but I didn’t believe in it.  Perhaps I would of enjoyed it if it were by an author I had lower expectations of, but as I like Lori Devoti quite a bit, I was disappointed.  She can do better.

Grade: C-

Theo Malone was an alpha, not a lone rogue who needed to fight for a female. Still, something about Annie Cartwell called to him. Unclaimed and unaware that she had been turned into a werewolf, she was vulnerable to other wolves…and irresistibly attractive to Theo. His wolf had never reacted so strongly to a woman before–and Annie’s new inner wolf had the same hunger for him. His scent made her feel safe, his touch soothed her…and the thought of Theo awoke fantasies of being claimed by him like she’s never had before.

But while they both longed to fully give in to their desire, Theo and Annie must struggle to control these new feelings. For someone set up Annie as bait, and no wolf was safe until he was caught….


Book CoverMoon Marked by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Paranormal romance released by Nocturne Bites 1 Jan 10

Nikki is a hunter, waiting for some werewolves that got away. Of course, those aren’t her only orders. Jonathon is a hereditary werewolf trying to rescue Nikki, since he knows she’s in over her head. The two are instantly attracted despite their conflicting loyalties, but things become complicated when Nikki is bitten by one of the crime lord’s wolves.

As a standalone, Moon Marked is a little confusing. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom’s world is involved, and it’s hard to figure out the hierarchy of things that go bump in the night in 62 pages when there’s action and romance going on. As an introduction to her Wolf Moons series, it’s fairly effective since I do want to read more about this world. Those who are already reading this series will want to pick up this Bite, since there is some world-building that seems important. (I could be wrong, since I haven’t read the series yet.)

Grade: C+

In the secret war between humans and werewolves, Jonathan Baird and Nikki Reese were natural enemies. Born with the genetic gifts needed to join the secret society of hunters, Nikki had been raised to see all Lycans as her enemy…even if hunting them brought on a powerful craving for sexual release.

It was that craving that drew werewolf Jonathan to Nikki. Though he also sought the rogue creatures that threatened the secrecy of his people’s existence, his organization sent him to watch her…but he lusted after her, too. When a hunt goes bad and Nikki is infected with the Lycan virus, Jonathan couldn’t resist coming to her aid, igniting an insatiable desire between them. Will their passion bring together the two rivals, or will old loyalties die hard?


Book CoverLoch Dragon’s Lady by Christine McKay
Paranormal romance released by Spice Briefs 1 Jan 10

I like Ellen, though she is a bit too stubborn for her own good.  After all, she has a sensible reaction to a handsome man trying to carry her off: stab him.  Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t work since Robert is a dragon.  Christine McKay doesn’t say much about how the setting or creatures work, but she provides enough information that nothing seems jarring.

Robert enjoys being alone, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t sometimes lonely.  It’s nice to see a fairly nice guy meet someone who he can live with.  The Spice Briefs are supposed to be more erotic than the Nocturne Bites, but I believed the happily-ever-after of Loch Dragon’s Lady the most.

Grade: B

When Robert Dunyveg finds Ellen Kildonan on his secluded Scottish isle, he thinks she’s just another tourist to spoil his peace. Though outraged by her claim that the island is hers, the dragon shifter can’t resist indulging his long-denied desire with the exotic beauty. But while Ellen has the scent of a human, she tasted of magic–and the only way to unlock the mystery of her true identity is to explore their red-hot passion even more….