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great-western-drive.jpg I do so ADORE our icon isn’t it beyond grand?  For those of you that don’t already know this I shamelessly use the talents (well of all the ducks in the pond and in the case of icons) it is generally Sandy M. Pondering Icon fun is coming at you thanks to the number 666 and the letters G-W-E-N.

I was suppose to give you all reasons for why I adore westerns today.

1. I seem to have issues with following directions, yes I know not a secret.

2. We have been having more site issues than normal.  So after I finally got something typed up that would work as an intro thinking coolio I can do another post tomorrow after Dotster fixes whatev is fucked up with the site this time – it took Sandy M (the poor soul who got roped into helping me at 2am which really was only midnight her time) I think around an hour to get the post up.

And today was a mess, at times the site was down completely.  The fact I am typing this up is sort of awesome.  If it posts – I just might squeeee

Sooooo why should you read a western historical romance…. my automatic response is because we say so *g* really you need more reason than that?

Honestly I would say because I use to be you (if you are one of those people rolling your eyes saying omg I hatessssss all things western, DO.NOT.WANT).  I live in Texas.  I was born here and at the rate I am going will die here.  I live in the hill country, pass horses going to check the mail – I have to DRIVE to check my mail. AKA I live out in BFE.

It is beautiful.

The land is amazing.

If you listen it can speak to you.

Seriously fuck that shit, there are bugs, did I mention I have to DRIVE to get my mail?  And yes I can hand it to you that heroes have not always been cowboys or whatever but uh do you know your history?  Regency England (which there are many I adore) and Medieval Novels (le sigh, Madeline Hunter come back!) are taking creative license.  No really.  There are some flat out, throw me on the floor and rock me hard with your history romances out there but rarely if ever will the smells reflect what they REALLY should and I wouldn’t them too.

They call this stuff fiction for a reason and I am ok with that, hell, tell me a good story and I can go along with some ‘wallpaper historicals’.  If I start to question the author it is most likely because I am bored and generally it is the characters doing it.

But like I said I use to be one of those people who wouldn’t touch a western with someone elses saddle and can’t even remember now which book I first ‘rode’ that gave such a rock’n good read.   It might have been Elizabeth Lowell with her asshole alpha’s who give annoying pet names that I wouldn’t date for the life of me but color me HUGE fans of the books. Or maybe it was oh wait I am getting ahead of myself… the recs are coming…

And I will try my hardest not to repeat Wendy in all her superness or Kristie in all her rambling.  I have dug deep into my library for books that you can (hopefully) find in your Used Book Store if they are Out of Print.  I have some awesome prizes being donated that I will be drawing from the comments on all three blogs (many will be open to the US only, sorry, working on that).  We will be recommending books that are upcoming and still in print.

Will everyone who has never tried a western, love it?  No.  Will everyone who picks it up again, find a new mistress? No.  There are no ‘all’ for anything or any book.  But hey I bet there are westerns out there for just about each one of you.  So tell us what you like.  What have you tried?  What have you loved? What have you hated?

And I bet before the week is up, between the three of us, we will find you a book, or at least give it our best shot and have good fun trying *g*.  And if we can’t maybe someone else in romanceland can…

Read a Western, Cowboys Need Love Too