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sl_thumbnail.jpgOne day I am soooo not going to say whatever is on my mind. That day wasn’t today…

Conversation two women were having when I opened the door at my fave ubs

“Really it has gotten out of control, it’s why I love you guys.  I am never buying never books again. NEVER.  It has gotten out of control. I can even rent new hardcovers here.  It makes rotten books easier to deal with and really I just don’t have the space.  I used to keep all my books, well and my friends we would trade and borrow back and forth.”

(2 person) “I did too before I worked here but really who can afford to spend the money on new books these days or spend what they are charging.  And we don’t advertise at all, it is all word of mouth.  We have been here for (over 25 years) because of our customers.”

“Right, I told all my friends about you.  I mean you spend the money to move your books so many times before you get it that you will never read them again.  And something like this just makes sense.  I never buy new books and never will again.  $7 only to find out the book is terrible? No Way.”

Now this is going to shock you but yes… this is the part where I said something

scream-1.jpg“It is understandable to not want to waste your money.  No one wants to but you should buy the authors you do want to support otherwise they won’t be writing any books for you to be buying – new or used – anymore.  It is something to think about because if you stop buying new altogether it looks like those authors, any authors aren’t selling or are selling less.  And the bottom line means higher prices for readers, us, and less contracts for the people’s who put a ton of hard work and time into something that we enjoy. Of course that is just my opinion but it is something to think about and I am in a used book store too.  I would never say I would STOP buying new and if I could I would buy a lot more.”

This is the point where the woman working the counter who did know me, laughed and didn’t throw me out.  And did agree (or didn’t want me to go on cuz you might have noticed I can a bit ::innocent blink::) and said that it was something she didn’t think about.

I did go on a bit (after her customer had left and HONESTLY I was nice, I WAS) about how ubs were great grand and wonderful – because I do think they are – but if THEY want to stay in business the business of books, never buying new again is a really bad message to send.

Or am I wrong?  How would you have handled it if you had opened a door to hear ‘I am never buying a new book again!”

Oh and for those of you playing the home game, I bought:

Come Near Me by Kasey Michaels (I NEED Escapade)
Indiscreet by Kasey Michaels
Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann
Winter Roses (I can’t find the copy I have)
Callaghan’s Bride by Diana Palmer (it was .80 and I am sick)
Meet Me at Midnight by Suzanne Enoch (.80 see above)