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sl_thumbnail.jpgOne of the ARC’s that arrived yesterday got me thinking and I have a question for you.

Sadly this isn’t a poll since LAWSON & GWEN are evoooollllllllllll and haven’t figured out how I can do the nifty thing I want that will allow people to vote through RSS feed. This makes me sad. I know… you cry for me too… uh sorry I digress

Honestly I have NO CLUE if this question really has anything to do with the ARC since I haven’t really sat down to look at it and will talk more about the book in question after I do.

Is paying for sex erotic?  Is that a fantasy of many women?

My thought it is a control thing, which oddly I could get on board with that.  Or maybe too many veiwings of American Giggalo *g*.  Either way I am not saying anything about the book or the plot, just something that popped into my head.