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dollar.jpggeeze wasn’t someone suppose to be watching me or something? next thing you know, I am gonna have to be responsible for my own actions… 

But hey I could drink my money away or have a shoe habit or whatever

hi my name is sybil and I am a bookaholic

Men of August – Marly’s Choice By Lora Leigh
Thanks nicole! I really need to set up a trade list or something.

Southern Comfort by Karen Kelley
I have never heard of this book or this author. Anyone have an opinion?

Widow’s Little Secret by Judith Stacy
I am a Harlequin Historical whore, what can I say.

Letters From a Stranger, Forever and a Day and Unspoken Vows by Connie Rinehold
Kristie J made me do it. Well she rec’ed Letters and I am easy.

Jamie by Lori Foster
This is the end of the Visitation series. I really didn’t think I would like this and had Just Say No to Joe forever before I read it. For whatever reason it completely caught my interest. Lori Foster is a hit or miss author for me. I hope this ends the series well.

Beach Blanket Bad Boys by Linda Lael Miller, Alison Kent, Lucy Monroe, Jill Shalvis, Susanna Carr, Morgan Leigh
note to self: order trade size books from amazon or bamm. I just paid 15.00 bucks for this. The line up of authors is great so I am hoping it was worth it and it is the second of the bad boy books I have bought new. So all in all it is worth the price. But the next one, will be purchased online.

Bad in Boots – Colt’s Choice by Patrice Michelle
I love a good western, make it a hot western and I am in heaven. I have only read one story by Patrice Michelle Hearts Are Wild with Cheyenne McCray , Patrice Michelle , Nelissa Donovan and I enjoyed her story. This is the second in the Bad in Boots series and in sybilfashion I don’t have the first one yet. oops I do have Dragon’s Heart, A Taste for Passion (vamps) and A Taste for Revenge (vamps) to read. She does say there will be more BiB books coming as well as the vamps.

Beauty Like the Night by Liz Carlyle
New to me author, I am really enjoying her backlist.

Marry the Man Today by Linda Needham
I am not really sure why the hell I bought this. I have only read two books by Needham and didn’t like either. I am trying to cut back on my ‘spy’ books. And she is a dreaded avon author (looks at kristiej). I didn’t even know about this book and honestly, ::hangs head:: the cover caught my eye. It is purple with a carriage and really pretty font. I picked it up and was in a rush (got there 20 mins before they closed). I am going to look up what I can on the book and I MIGHT go back and exchange it tomorrow for something else. Ten to one I throw it in the tbr pile and use it for that avon post I am going to someday do.

Hero, Come Back by Stephanie Laurens, Christina Dodd, Elizabeth Boyle – talked a lil about this one earlier

Master of Pleasure by Jessica Trapp – talked a lil about this one earlier

hee and the library sale is tomorrow at 11 😉 Then I think I am set for the week. The thing that really sucks ass, is I am going into work in the morning. le sigh I would have had more time tonight to read the shit load of books I have but real life got in the way.