REVIEW: Knit Tight by Annabeth Albert

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Knit Tight (Portland Heat, Book 4) by Annabeth Albert
Contemporary Bisexual Romance published by Lyrical Shine 12 Apr 16

Every so often, I come across a story whose premise is so intriguing on a personal level that it makes me forget all my rules about not jumping into a series partway through. On that point, I have a sneaking love for knitting stories, particularly where a craft group is also involved. This story had all that in its favour, along with a pair of heroes who started out in unconventional family situations – another plus from my point of view – one of whom was completely happy with being bisexual. Yet another plus, not that all books live up to their initial promise, of course.

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REVIEW: Billionaire Without a Past by Carol Marinelli

Book CoverVeena’s review of Billionaire Without a Past (Irresistible Russian Tycoons, Book 3) by Carol Marinelli
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Presents 01 May 16

A dancer and a billionaire don’t normally have much in common, but, in this instance, they both have similar childhood traumas that they are dealing with in their very own unique way. Could that pave the way to true love and a shared future? Only time will tell…

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REVIEW: My American Duchess by Eloisa James

Book CoverC2’s review of My American Duchess by Eloisa James
Historical Romance published by Avon 26 Jan 16

Greetings faithful reader! In Eloisa James’ most recent book, My American Duchess, she answers that age-old question – “What happens when you’re engaged to the wrong twin?” I know I’ve always wondered about that. Okay, so it isn’t quite that simple. You’re curious, aren’t you? Onward!

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REVIEW: The Rule Book by Jennifer Blackwood

Book CoverTabs’ review of The Rule Book by Jennifer Blackwood
Contemporary Romance published by Entangled: Embrace 09 May 16

I like plots about uptight stuffed-shirt CEOs who learn to loosen their collars and live a little, so this book looked appealing to me. Young MBA-haver Lainey has just finished her degree and moved to the big city to start her first grown-up job as a second assistant for a media consulting firm’s CEO. She’s plucky and eager to do a good job. When sparks fly between Lainey and CEO Brogan, it’s obvious that his detailed rule book is about to be thrown out the window.

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REVIEW: Hide Away by Iris Johansen

Book CoverVeena’s review of Hide Away (Eve Duncan, Book 20) by Iris Johansen
Suspense Thriller published by St Martins Press 26 Apr 16

I for one am pleased to see Eve Duncan continue as a leading character in Ms. Johansen’s thrillers. Eve is well known in the world of forensic sculpting and her reconstructions have helped to identify and bring home many children.  In this latest series a sheriff in Northern California sends Eve a skull that has a profound impact on her and leads her to solve a murder and rescue a young girl, Cara Delaney.  Eve and Joe, along with their adopted daughter Jane and old friends from previous books, try to keep Cara safe and stay one step ahead of the people who are targeting them.  This is a well-paced thriller that has enough twists and turns to keep the story interesting with a curved ball thrown in now and again just in case you’re caught napping. read more…

REVIEW: Modern Girls by Jennifer S. Brown

Book CoverStevie‘s review of Modern Girls by Jennifer S. Brown
Jewish American Historical Women’s Fiction published by NAL 05 Apr 16

I’m always drawn to books that show us a slice of life that doesn’t get covered often in fiction, in this case the lives of left-wing working class Jewish families in the run up to the Second World War. Dottie’s mother left Russia in 1914 when her strong political sentiments placed her and her family in danger. Dottie has grown up in a very political household – her father is very involved in the trade union movement, and her mother talks of returning to activism now all her children are reaching an age when they can take care of themselves at least some of the time. Dottie, however, just wants to enjoy being young, and to earn enough from her bookkeeping job that she can afford to marry her boyfriend – who won’t commit until they can set up away from both their families. Then both women discover that they are expecting unplanned, and not entirely welcome, babies.

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REVIEW: The Beast by J.R. Ward

Book CoverSandy M’s review of The Beast (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 16) by J.R. Ward
Paranormal Romance published by NAL 05 Apr 16

Though I’ve not kept up with every book in this series, I’m enjoying these updated looks at the Brothers and their mates who began the series so many years ago. This time it’s Rhage and Mary who are going through a bit of a difficult time amid the continuing war with Lessers and a few surprise curve balls that could lead the series in a totally different direction. In the meantime, though, there’s also a lot more going on with traitors, babies, and more surprises.

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REVIEW: The Northman’s Bride by Sandra Lake

Book CoverVeena’s review of The Northman’s Bride (Sons Of The North,Book 3) by Sandra Lake
Historical Romance published by InterMix 17 May 16

I’ve been enjoying these books from Ms. Lake, but this one, though less compelling a story than the others, fired my imagination because of my upcoming trip to this part of the world. Most of the stories featuring what I’ve always referred to in the past as Scandinavian countries feature warring, skillful sailors who go a Viking in search of treasure and adventure. I just never realized until recently how deep in the shadow of Russia these countries truly lie, being on the Baltic Sea. The Russian influence on the political scene of the times is strong as amplified by this story.  I love how in a blink of an eye the warlord’s wife is now a grandmother and this story features one of the twin boys she gave birth to in that book. It’s a lot of fun visiting with the fascinating cast of characters we met amongst the pages of the first two books and see the story carry on from there.

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REVIEW: One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood

Book CoverVeena’s review of One Pink Rose (Clayborne Brides, Book 1) by Julie Garwood
Historical Western Romance re-release published by Pocket Star 09 May 16

I hate to start off a review with a peeve, but this is the second book in the past few weeks which is a re-release of a previously published book. Apparently it was first published in 1998 as a single collection with three stories featuring each of the Clayborne brothers. While it might be true that I enjoyed the story, not being able to recall a lot of the original story, but it still took away from my enjoyment to know that the publisher did not disclose it as a re-release.

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