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DuckFlashThis just in…

We just discovered a wonderful story by Kate Regnery that all romance lovers will thoroughly enjoy, while also benefiting those with disabilities.

~ Kate’s current release, Dark Sexy Knight, is now being sold for a special price of $2.99.

Book Cover~ 25% of the proceeds of the sale of this ebook will be given to The Prospector Theater of Ridgefield, CT, a non-profit organization that offers job assistance and a work-study program to developmentally disabled adults.

~ The Prospector Theater pairs a first-run, commercial movie theater with the mission of training and employing adults with disabilities. It’s a not-for-profit system, with the competitiveness and transparency of a for-profit business model.

~ They also show how community groups, businesses, and people in the private sector – working together – can improve the quality of lives for those with disabilities, while lessening the financial burden on the government and helping boost employment rates.

~ To learn more about the Prospector Theater, please visit their web site.

~ Kate is the sister of a special-needs person, so she’s experienced firsthand the joys, as well as the disappointments and cruelty, in the life of those afflicted with a disability. Thus, this story is especially dear to her heart.

~ So hurry to get your book – the $2.99 price is good only until Monday, June 20th. Then be sure to check out Kristie J’s review today.

Consider yourself flashed.