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 Dena and Jeff sparked my imagination from the time I met them in previous books in The Submissive series. While they were not together, it’s been clear that they once shared something as earth shattering as Julie and her Daniel and Abby and Nathaniel. We finally learn their back story and get a chance to be a part of their second chance in this beautifully written, deeply emotional story.

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Dena’s hands trembled with excitement as she undressed in the guest room. He’d surprised her by agreeing to flog her. She told herself it didn’t mean anything. More than likely, he needed some relief just as badly as she did. The events of the last few days had caught up with her, and if she was going to be worth anything at work tomorrow, she needed the release that came from turning her body over to someone who knew what to do with it.

Jeff was nowhere to been seen when she stepped into the hallway and made her way into the playroom. She purposely didn’t look around, but kept her head down. The last time she’d been in this room, they’d played for Julie, and after, Jeff had kissed her with so much passion. She didn’t want to deal with the emotions of being back in it. But she saw it in her mind’s eye: the exposed-beam ceiling, the handmade oak cabinets, the light tan paint on the walls.

The hardwood floor had a knot in the wood grain right near the middle of the room. She remembered that and allowed herself a small smile when she found it. She went to her knees beside it, trying to make her position as perfect as possible.

Instinctively, she fell into her yoga breathing and focused on the movement of air in and out of her body. She felt rather than heard when Jeff walked to stand before her. Complete silence and then, finally, he spoke.


As always his voice soothed her as if he’d touched her. She sank deeper into herself. For now, for this moment, she would be his angel once more, even if he didn’t say it. She let out a breathy, “Sir.”

“Your posture today’s even better than last time.”

“I’m glad it pleases you, Sir.”

“I didn’t say it pleased me. I said it was an improvement.”

“Sorry for assuming, Sir.”

He didn’t say anything, but simply snapped his fingers. Yes. At his signal, she dropped to her elbows and slid forward. Part of her had wondered if he’d have her do this and she was secretly thrilled he had. Her lips lightly brushed the top of his right foot.

“I am yours,” she whispered into his skin.

Keeping her head low, she moved to his other foot. She’d always loved kissing Jeff’s feet. Kneeling before him, offering herself for his use but able to touch him, to kiss him and show with her lips how much she wanted him. Her lips had just left his left foot when he spoke again.


Reluctantly, she moved back into her waiting position and waited for further instruction.

“You asked me to flog you—is that correct?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“I’m fairly tense after the last few days. I need to make sure you can take what I’m going to give. It won’t be anything like the so-called flogging Ron gave you. I’ll get you into subspace, but you’re going to feel it in the morning.”

If he meant for his words to cause her to change her mind, he would be disappointed. They did the exact opposite. She needed this. Needed him.

She lowered her head to the floor. “Please, Sir.”

He didn’t hesitate. “Stand.”