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Book CoverBack in 2010 I came this close to not becoming a C.L. Wilson fan.

I kept looking at the cover of Lord of the Fading Lands and then picking up another book, all because I’m not that into fantasy. But I eventually cracked that one open, became an instant fan girl of the series and the author, a new reader of the fantasy genre, and avoided the biggest mistake in all my years of reading romance.

After devouring all five books in the Fading Lands series, like all of Ms. Wilson’s fans, I’ve been chomping at the bit for The Winter King to finally hit the shelves. Now that’s less than a month away, and that time is going to move so very slowly for those waiting to get their hands on this book. But it will get here, just be patient a bit longer!

In the meantime, drop by Ms. Wilson’s blog to enter her daily giveaways leading up to the release date. That should pass a little bit of time for you!

And just maybe next week I’ll have an exclusive excerpt for you……