PONDERING: Ash’s Best and Worst of 2011

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 13:00
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Here it is, my best read books in 2011.  Some of these still stand out in my mind and were easy to decide on, and others I really had to think about. Out of so many books, it was hard to decide, so I picked the ones which are worthy of the keeper shelf.

Book Cover5. Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch – Not the type of book I usually read, though I always say I will read more of. I love both Kitty and Jeff. It’s one of those stories where you really need to suspend belief and just go along for the ride. It’s a fun break away from the real world and I loved that about it.

Book Cover4. Bloodlust by Michelle Rowen -  One of the reasons this is one of my favorites is because it’s the last book and it just ends so well. I’m not left with any burning questions, I know I won’t have to wait through 5…10…15 more books to get answers. I am happy with it, and I like the fact that there could be more, but there doesn’t have to be. Declan is still one of my favorite characters.

Book Cover3. Defiant by Kris Kennedy -  It has almost everything I could ask for in a historical, which I am picky about since it’s not my favorite genre.  I was hooked after the first sentence and that is a must for me. If more historicals had heroines like Eva, I would be reading them more.

Book Cover2. Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison – I am so glad this didn’t sit on my TBR for any longer then it did. This book broke a really bad reading slump and Thea Harrison is now one of my favorite paranormal authors. Dragos is just awesome, and I wish there were more dragon books like this out there.

Book Cover1. Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh – One word…Hawke. Do I really need to say more? Just thinking about this book makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I can’t imagine this being topped any time soon, or at least until the next one…but maybe not then either.


It wasn’t hard at all to pick my worst books. I didn’t give many bad ratings last year, which is a good thing. These are the ones I wish I could go back and forget I ever read them.

Book Cover5. Ascension by Caris Roane -  This book is just one giant eye roll. I had to stop myself from throwing it against the wall many times. I think of it as everything I never want to read in a paranormal.

Book Cover4. Secrets to Seducing a Scot by Michelle Marcos – The problem here is I was bored. There was nothing exciting and the romance was lacking.

Book Cover3. Finding Forgiveness by Dana Marie Bell – I disliked one of the main characters and I couldn’t get past it. There was nothing about him that said ‘hero’ to me. I was rooting for the other guy to leave him.

Book Cover2. Ashes of Midnight by Lara Adrian – Great series, terrible book. I skimmed it just so I could move onto the next one. I disliked the characters and found them boring.

Book Cover1. A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe – I think this is the only book that got an F from me last year. I didn’t like a single thing about it.

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