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Book CoverWriters really have no say in our covers. Readers are always shocked to hear that. Of course, indie publishing is changing that, and I know I feel the pressure of getting it right. I don’t envy the big publishers trying to nail down the PERFECT quality to sell a book. Sigh…Oh, those stroking covers that make us pick up a book!

I’ve tried to figure out what it is that draws me to certain covers, and though I’ve read stats that say naked male chests sell books, I’m not always drawn to those. There is some other quality that draws me. I mean – look at Twilight. There is no hot man on those covers – not the originals – but they spoke to people in some other amazing way.

With a new book out – The Storm that is Sterling – I am, of course, hoping my cover helps draw readers to pick it up from the shelf.  Interestingly, I’ve read that the color RED is a big plus. People are drawn to it. Oddly, almost every cover I had for my first six plus NY releases were red. Even with Nocturne, when other people got different colors – I was red.  Even anthologies I was in ended up with RED covers! It was kind of crazy.

The Storm that is Sterlng is my first blue cover and Damion my first purple. I’ve been writing books for years and finally I have new colors. I’m actually excited about that.

So I’m curious about what you like or dislike about a cover.

What makes you take a look, even if you don’t know the author?

What makes you ignore the book?

And, finally, has online buying changed what you look for at all? I’m shocked at some of the horrible covers on some top selling indie books! What is it that is making the readers find those books and buy them despite the cover? Then  I see striking covers on books that aren’t selling.

I’d love to hear your answers!  Just answer one or more of the questions or add whatever comment you have about covers to enter to win a goodie bag filled with books, some bath and body works Vampire Blood that you will love — so cute! — and any one of my backlist books I have in stock.

Added bonus!!  If you tweet or facebook about Sterling today, I’ll send you a copy of any of my ebooks you like!