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Drink Up! Over the years TGTBTU has hosted many Guest Author Events.  This page is designed to give readers a look back at all of our hard work (and damn, is all this a lotta work!).  We’ve done our best to list all of the posts here, but it’s extremely possible we’ve “lost” a few along the way.  Also, be advised that some of the older posts are seriously wonky, due in large part to our Blogger to WordPress migration.  We’ve been cleaning up a lot of these older posts, but it’s been slow going.  Be patient with us.  We are a pond, but it’s a small pond.  In the meantime, enjoy!


HelenKay Dimon – Guest Post; Deirdre Martin – Duck Chat; Marie Force – Guest Post;  Leigh Michaels – Guest Post; Julia Justiss – Guest Post; C.H. Admirand – Guest Post; Mary Wine – Guest Post; Melissa Mayhue – Guest Post; Kat Martin – Guest Post

A Royal Day: Celebrating Royal Weddings – Introduction; Bronwyn Scott – Guest Post; Michelle Willingham – Guest Post; Terri Brisbin – Guest Post; Elizabeth Rolls – Guest Post; Ann Lethbridge – Guest Post

Marie Treanor – Duck Chat;  Sharon Lathan – Guest Post; Jennifer Estep – Guest Post; Alissa Johnson – Guest Post; Shiloh Walker – Guest Post; Lorraine Heath – Guest Post; Kaki Warner – Duck Chat; Sandy Blair – Guest Post;

Kathryne Kennedy – Guest Post;  Tawna Fenske – Duck Chat;


Melissa Mayhue – Duck Chat; Carolyn Brown – Duck Chat; Sabrina Jeffries – Guest Blog; Karin Tabke – Duck Chat; Adele Ashworth – Duck Chat; Alexandra Hawkins – Duck Chat; Laura Kinsale – Duck Chat; Ciji Ware – Duck Chat

Julia Barrett – Duck Chat; Kate Collins – Duck Chat; Addison Fox – Duck Chat; Cara Elliott – Duck Chat; Julie James – Duck Chat; Dee Tenorio – Duck Chat; Lydia Dare – Duck Chat; Anne Gracie – Duck Chat; Cathryn Fox – Duck Chat

Bonnie Hearn Hill – Duck Chat; Tawny Weber – Duck Chat; Caroline Fyffe – Duck Chat; Dee Tenorio – Guest Blog;

C.L. Wilson – Guest Author, Guest Blog, Guest Blog From Reader.

Kathryne Kennedy – Guest Blog; Beth Kery – Guest Blog.


Megan Hart Makes A Splash

Monica McCarty – Duck Chat; Connie Brockway – Duck Chat

Anya Bast Makes a Splash

Bonnie Vanak – Duck Chat; Stacey Kayne – Duck Chat

Heidi Betts Makes A Splash

Jami Alden – Duck Chat; Mary Balogh – Duck Chat

Moira Rogers Quacks About Writing

Lorelei James – Duck Chat; Jo Barrett – Duck Chat; Jennifer Ashley – Duck Chat; Beth Kery – Duck Chat

Lauren Dane Makes a Splash!

Sloan McBride – Duck Chat

Lynne Connolly reports from Romantic Times 2009!

Karen Ranney – Duck Chat; Kathryne Kennedy – Duck Chat; Lisa Renee Jones  – Duck Chat; Dana Marton – Duck Chat; Deb Marlowe – Duck Chat

Alissa Johnson – Duck Chat; Julia Justiss – Duck Chat; Terri Brisbin – Duck Chat; Jillian Hart – Duck Chat

Jennifer Haymore – Duck Chat; Sophie Renwick – Duck Chat; Sherry Thomas – Duck Chat; Christie Craig – Duck Chat

Marsha Zinberg, Harlequin Editor – Guest Post

Bronwyn Scott – Duck Chat; Nancy Haddock – Duck Chat

Jenna Petersen – Duck Chat; Karen Whiddon – Duck Chat; Judi Fennell – Duck Chat; Beth Williamson – Duck Chat

S.J. Day – Duck Chat; Dana Marie Bell – Duck Chat; Elisabeth Naughton – Duck Chat; Joey W. Hill – Duck Chat

Alexis Morgan – Duck Chat;  Tessa Dare – Duck Chat; Nicola Cornick – Duck Chat; Janet Mullany – Duck Chat

Cynthia Eden – Duck Chat; Sasha White – Duck Chat; Annette Blair – Duck Chat;

TJ Bennett – Duck Chat; Sharon Lathan – Duck Chat; Sabrina Jeffries – Duck Chat; Tracy Wolff – Duck Chat; Meredith Duran – Duck Chat

The Great Western Drive!

Kylie Brant – Duck Chat; Kathryn Smith – Duck Chat; Sandy Blair – Duck Chat; Tammy Kane – Duck Chat

Duckies Go Bovine With Libba Bray; Sara Angelini – Duck Chat; Jami Alden – Guest Post; Monica Fairview – Duck Chat; Amelia Grey – Duck Chat

Erin Quinn – Duck Chat; Kari Thomas – Duck Chat; Elizabeth Hoyt – Duck Chat; C.L. Wilson – Duck Chat

Shiloh Walker – Duck Chat; Jessica Andersen – Duck Chat; Helen Scott Taylor – Duck Chat;


Valenduckie Event – Countless authors, oodles of contests (sadly all closed – but hey, you can still read about all the fun!)

Noelle Mack – Q&A

Pamela Clare – Goldilocks Goes To Jail Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI

Silhouette Nocturne Spotlight: Bonnie Vanak – The Healing Power of Werewolves, Patrice Michelle – The Cool Idea, Then What?, Merline Lovelace Plays Mind Games

Sherry Thomas – Learning English The Passionate Way, Seven Reasons to Read Sugar Daddy, Six Reasons Not To Read My Book, To Old Or Not Old Enough?,

Pamela Clare – The Truth About PrisonQ&A

Silhouette Special Edition Spotlight: Shannon Stacey on SSE , Karen Templeton – Real People, Real Life, Real Love , Karen Sandler – Sex and SSE , Christine Rimmer Confesses…. , Lynda Sandoval - Love, Loss, Resilience and Inspiration

Laura Drewry Loves Series

Madelynne Ellis – Q&A

Michele Hauf – Takes A Bite

Harlequin SuperRomance Spotlight: Kathryn Shay – In The Hot Seat , Debra Salonen – Heads For The Hills , Ellen Hartman – All About Men

Harlequin Historical Spotlight: Deborah Simmons Returns!, Pam Crooks Gets Competitive , Patricia Frances Rowell Gets Mythic , Deb Marlowe – Can You Do That In A Regency? , Jillian Hart’s Insane Summer , Michelle Styles – Devote to More Than One Time Period , Michelle Willingham – A World Of Settings , Kate Bridges – These Boots Were Made For Walking , Blythe Gifford Admits Her Indiscretion , Elizabeth Lane – Good Boys Vs. Bad Boys , Charlene Sands – The Western Hero or Why I Write Westerns , Georgina Devon – Researching Betrayal , Nicola Cornick’s Not Looking Ahead , Louise Allen – Where Do Heroes Come From? , Terri Brisbin – Can You Do That In A Harlequin Historical? , Julia Justiss – Real People, Real Life, Real Love….and Just A Little Sex , Jenna Kernan – Gremlins In The Keyboard , Carol Townend Meets One Persistant Warrior , Denise Lynn – Truth Stranger Than Fiction? , Cheryl St. John – Beware Babies Ahead! , Kathryn Albright – Remember the Alamo , Victoria Bylin – Risky Love Scenes , Diane Gaston – Tales From The Regency Underground

Jessica Andersen – Where Will You Be?

Shiloh Walker – Kalen In The Hot Seat

Cherie Feather – Not Just Another Pretty Body Part

Jessica Andersen & J.R. Ward – The Doctor Takes on the WARDen

Jessica Anderson – Did You Know Part IDid You Know Part II

Sandra Brown Talks Movies And Books

Roxanne St. Clair - The Luuuuuve Triangle

Harlequin Historical Undone Week: Michelle Willingham Hits The Harlequin Title Jackpot!, Nicole Cornick’s Standing Pie Order , Bronwyn Scott’s Tale Of Thievery , Amanda McCabe Sails The High Seas

Suite 606 Holiday Round Robin


Meljean Brook, Meljean Reveals Her Inner Fangirl, Meljean On The Blind Leading The Blind, Demon Angle YouTube Soundtrack

Robin Schone, The Men and Women’s ClubWhat Burns Your Pages?, A Scandalous Q&A, Blog Virgin No More

Lorie O’Clare, The Power Of Three

Alluring Tales Week, Sasha White Tempts GraceQ&A With Sasha White, Sasha Takes On A Hero, Sylvia Day’s Magic Trick, Sylvia Day Takes Ten, Q&A With Sylvia Day, Myla Jackson Steps Out Of The Shadows, Q&A With Myla Jackson, Myla Jackson’s Type Of Character, Vivi Anna Transports, Vivi Anna Five On Writing, Vivi Anna Five On Reading, Q&A With Vivi Anna, Q&A With Cathryn Fox, Lisa Renee Jones Explores Freedom, Q&A With Lisa Renee Jones, Delilah Devlin Does Light & Funny, Q&A With Delilah Devlin

J.R. Ward, A Little Q&A

Lisa Kleypas, The Sum of Lisa Kleypas, Devil Of A Dream, Disinfrancised But Hunky Heroes

Shiloh Walker, Shiloh Does Drama QueenMost Asked Question, The Power Of Three, Climbs A Mountain

Anna Campbell, Why She Would Have Been A CourtesanGets Down And Gritty, Bad Bad Ultra Alphas, So Long And Thanks

Toni Blake’s Big Secret Revealed!

Elizabeth Hoyt, Attempts To Explain the Deal With Fairytales, Top Five Questions, More Time In The Day To Read

Claire Cross, Getting Crosswise With The Rules, Book Meet Wall, Getting Loaded, Taboos & Danger Zones, Takes Five + One, Claire Asks Questions

Caroline Linden Ponders on the Whatchamacallit

Christine Wells, A Heroine And Horse Walk Into A Bar

Jennifer Estep, Always Wanted To Be A Superhero, It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane!, Has A Database, Questions For You!

Kelley Armstrong, Communicates With The DeadJust the FAQs, The Perils Of Reading For Pleasure

Kristina Cook, Q&A, Anticipation…, Tall Tales In Timelines

Meljean Brook, Inner Child Gives Advice, On Writing, Missy Reads A Book, Demon Moon Soundtrack, Meljean and Missy Ride A Horse

Cheryl St. John, Road To The Preacher’s Daughter

Elizabeth Lane, I Love Villains

Pam Crooks Gets Gritty

Lora Leigh Breeds A Different Kind Of Romance

Jennifer Ashley, Gives Us Five, Unashamed Genre Reader

Liz Carlyle, To Virgin Or Not To VirginTake Seven

HelenKay Dimon, Q&ATales Of Kauai

Mary Reed McCall, The Appeal Of Medieval Romance

Shomi Spotlight, Shomi DazeLiz Maverick Collides Genres, Liz Maverick Q&A, Marianne Mancusi Manga & Moongazing, Marianne Mancusi Q&A, Eve Kenin Colors Outside the Lines, Eve Kenin Q&A

Shannon McKenna, Bears Uh Bares All, Shares a Peak Into Her TBR, Q&A, How Do You Take Your Heroines?

Julia Quinn, All Along, 10 With, Two Men Are Better Than One

Jessica Bird, A Few Minutes With

Susan Mallery, The Meaning Of LifeSomething Sheik, Super & Sweet, Climbs A TBR Mountain

Maureen McKade, A Reason To Western, Q&A

Immortals Authors, Calling Jennifer AshleyJoy Nash A Celtic Awakening, Robin T. Popp Top of the Pop, Pop Goes The Reader, A Little Bit Of Celtic Chaos

Lisa Marie Rice, It’s Not Just About Sex, Thank You Erotic Romance, I’m Not A Man, Gives Us The Skinny, Riff On Alpha Males

Caroline Linden, Does A Bad Bad Thing Q&A, Shares A Peek At Her TBR

Elizabeth Hoyt On Writing Simon Iddesleigh

E.C. Sheedy, Just Keep SwimmingA Peek Into Her TBR

Beth Williamson, The Devil Made Me Do It, Top Five Questions, The Thrill Of New Books

Madeline Hunter, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ RulesWhat Version Did You Read?, Ever Popular Medieval Question

Lisa Kleypas, How Moi Gets IdeasQ&A, The Rock, Old Faithful & Cucumbers

Western Winter Wonderland Authors, Cheryl St. John’s Grandma’s Spice Cookies, Jenna Kernan’s Strange Resemblance, The Three Lives Of Pam Crooks

E.C. Sheedy Starts Something Scary

Meljean Brook and Poe Scare Us For Free

Meljean Brook and George Romero Think You’re Not Scared Enough

Kathryn Smith’s Ghost

Jennifer Estep Wants All Your Candy

Kathryn Smith, A Peek At Her TBR, Taken By The Ripper

Jami Alden, Quest For A Great Title

Nora Roberts Q&A

Rona Sharon, Rakes Are From Mars, Heroines Are From Venus

Dee Tenorio’s (Potentially) Fabulous Penmanship

Duodecimal Event – Authors and bloggers offer up their lists of 12 in celebration of the holidays.


Pamela Clare, Top Five Questions People Ask Me

J.R. Ward, Knock Knock, Click Click, Bang Bang , FAQs and WTFs and Loose Lips

E.C. Sheedy, Without A Bad Boy, Midnight Plane To Georgia

Jo Goodman, Beyond Forbidden Nights And Wicked Seasons, Scoundrels…Able To Leap Tall Buildings In a Single Scamp, Give Us Five

HelenKay Dimon, Viva Las Vegas, Thinking Bad Boy Thoughts, Hard Tools and Vegas Boys

Sabrina Jeffries, Dukes Do It Better, Leaving On A Bus, Sabrina Take Five , With Wendy Corsi Staub, Two Tales Of A Bus Trip

More J.R. Ward, Ward Takes On Five, Can I Get A Rec Here?

Karen Kelley, I’m Talking ‘Bout Texas, Close Encounters With Bad Boys

Maureen McKade, Why Western Romances?

Caroline Linden, What A Gentleman Wants, Women, Rogues & Gentleman

Avon Red Week – Kat Spencer’s Desert Island Survival Kit, Getting Swept Away with Toni Blake, I Can’t Find Anything To Read by Toni Blake, Swept Away In Your Wildest Dreams with Toni Blake, Webs of Pleasure with Cathryn Fox, Tales Of Darkness with Delilah Devlin, Stranger Nights with Sylvia Day

Lisa Valdez – Just A Little Patience