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Book CoverVeena’s review of Sapphire Nights (Crystal Magic, Book 1) by Patricia Rice
Paranormal Romance published by Book View Café 27 Mar 19

Ms. Rice is a long-time romance author and I can’t put my finger on why I never read any of her books in the past. Sapphire Nights is an interesting story with a strong element of the supernatural. Who is Samantha Moon and what is her relationship with the zany town of Hillvale? 

With no memory of her past, Samantha Moon is welcomed to Hillvale when she shows up with no money in a literal fog. Rescued by the local deputy, Chen Ling Walker, she quickly finds herself adopted by everyone, particularly when she brings with her the town Matriarch Cass’ cat. Soon she finds herself with a job in the local café and a home in a little cottage on Cass’ property.

Deputy Walker has his own reasons for being in Hillvale. Suspicious of Samantha, he never the less finds himself coming to her rescue when the strange and bizarre occurs and catches Samantha in its cross hairs. Who is she really and what are her ties to the town? The answers make for an interesting tale full of dead bodies and black magic, mixed with greed and jealousy.

The story comes together quite nicely, unfolding the truth of the past and its impact on the present as the people in the town form battle lines seemingly between good and evil, magical and non-magical. There are many elements that are unexplained, such as the rocks and figurines that offer protection from evil, or the paintings where the eyes turn red when a person embraces evil.

For all the weirdness, I enjoyed the story and will definitely look for the next book in the series.

Grade: B-


A lawman haunted by his past . . . a scientist haunted by her future.

Samantha Moon arrives in Hillvale— population 325 lives and countless ghosts—in a fog as thick as the one circling the aging mountain town. Bereft of friends and family, money and memory, all she has to her name is a stray cat . . . but that’s apparently enough for the people of Hillvale to take her in.

L.A. investigator Chen Ling Walker’s problem is too many memories. He’s come to bury his tragic past in this remote California town, where his father vanished years before. Ever watchful, Walker sees how Sam’s arrival disturbs the deceptive peace of Hillvale. Old bones lead to new death, stirring ancient fears and feuds.

Sam will need Walker’s help to uncover the truth of who she is and face the burden that brings. But how can he accept a reality that stretches beyond the borders of what he knows — one that contains spirits, psychics, and imaginary voices—the weirdness that ruined his life before?

And if they survive what lies ahead, will they find any way to make a future together?

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