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Book CoverVeena’s review of Do Over  by Serena Bell 
Contemporary Romance published by Loveswept 30 Jan 18

One night of comfort between childhood friends led to an accidental pregnancy and a darling little boy.  Maddie finds herself once again seeking Jack’s comforting embrace when she finds her boyfriend under her best friend’s skirt.  Is there a different outcome in store for them this time around?Jack lives a happy-go-lucky life working on a construction crew with his friends, enjoying a hedonistic lifestyle.  Things change when Maddie comes to him crying.  Jack never could resist her tears, but this time around, instead of taking her to his bed to comfort her, an older, wiser Jack persuades Maddie and his son to move in with him temporarily.  He’s going to have to work darn hard to change that to permanent, if that’s what he truly wants.

While Jack and Maddie have been childhood friends and have a baby between them, they’ve never really indulged in a romantic relationship.  Now living in the same house and taking care of their son together, they’re a family with a new level of intimacy.  Can Maddie help Jack get rid of all his insecurities and be the man he’s destined to be?

Ms. Bell does a great job of building the relationship through beautiful everyday bonding moments.  I personally like a little more zing and suspense with my romance, so this is not on my favorites list but it’s definitely a great story for the right reader.

Grade:  C


Toe-curling? Check. Sheet-twisting? Check. But is that enough for a second chance?

Jack: I’m pretty much as tough as they come. But when a woman comes to me in tears, I’m jelly. Scratch that—when Maddie Adams comes to me in tears, I’m jelly. That’s how we ended up making our incredible son five years ago, and that’s why I practically beg her to move in with me when she’s in a tight spot. Of course, the last time I got the chance to be the hero, I let her down, but I’m not making the same mistake twice. This time, I’m going to be the man she deserves—and then I’m going to lay every ounce of sexy on her until she lets me back into her heart.

Maddie: Jack Parker is hot, and he knows it. What he’s not is a family man, something this single mom had to learn the hard way. Still, moving into his place until I get back on my feet makes all kinds of sense. He’s an old friend. He’s, ahem, the father of my child. And let’s face it, now that I’ve just been colossally dumped, we’ve got nowhere else to go. The truth is, I never could resist Jack. Living under the same roof puts dirty thoughts in my head. And when my brilliant plan backfires, my whole body is begging for a do-over. . . .

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