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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Tangled Up in Tinsel (Sunshine Creek Vineyard, Book 3) by Candis Terry
Contemporary Romance published by Avon 26 Sep 17

My last Christmas read for 2017 and I just ran out of time, with all the dinner and decoration preparations we go through, to get my review written a week ago. But we’re still in the holiday season, right? Works for me, especially because this is another fun read from Candis Terry. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t read the first two books in this series, but that didn’t affect my enjoyment of this story one little bit.

I love stories about brothers, so this Kincade brood made reading this book twice the fun, along with Parker and Gabriella. Parker is in the midst of creating his dream of opening a restaurant come true, all with a vineyard theme to enhance his family’s business. He receives a visit from Gabi, out of the blue, when she informs him she wants to apply for a job in his kitchen when the time comes. He tries to let her down easy that it’s going to be a while before he’ll be hiring, the more so because his brother’s rehearsal dinner and wedding reception is up first and Parker is trying to beat the clock to make sure his doors are open for that premiere family event.

But Gabi is one persistent woman. She hates her current job and employer, someone who has no concept when it comes to culinary anything. She’s always told herself she’s going to prove to her egomaniacal father – who has a show on the Food Network – that she can make it on her own with no help from him. That first step to her dream is making sure she’s in Parker Kincade’s kitchen when his restaurant is open for business. Parker is a known successful chef in his own right, so she knows this is where she needs to be.

I love both of these characters so much. Parker is a confident man who knows what he wants – in the kitchen or the bedroom, doesn’t matter. But with Gabi’s help throughout the book, we begin to see the stress Parker is under when it’s more important to succeed for his family than himself. The fact that he listens to Gabi and lets her in makes me love him that much more. And Gabi. She’s also confident and strong and she proves to Parker with her skill, attitude, and sense of humor that she belongs with him, first in the kitchen and then in the bedroom. The sizzling sparks between them begin early and then blaze bright as they get to know one another better.

The interaction between the Kincade siblings is typical brothers, adding more fun to the mix whenever they’re together. Parker calling his older brother Jordan, who is the one getting married at Christmas, Groomzilla is perfect characterization – until Gabi offers the help needed to make the wedding the one day both bride and groom will remember forever. All of that makes me want to pick up the first two books in the series as soon as I can. I have some Kincade brothers to catch up on!

sandym-iconGrade: B+


Meet the Kincade brothers: they’ll go to any lengths to protect their legacy—

but what happens when love gets in the way…?

As if the holidays weren’t stressful enough, Parker Kincade has a restaurant to open. The fact that his Groomzilla brother wants the place for his perfect Christmas wedding doesn’t help. Then there’s the stunning woman who appoints herself his new chef before he’s ready to hire one. But one look at Gabriella Montani has Parker reassessing needs vs. wants. And that’s before he tastes what she has to offer…

Gabriella doesn’t need to get tangled up with a sexy man. What she needs is a job and a chance to prove herself. A place in Parker’s kitchen could give her the opportunity she’s been waiting for. The heat between them is sizzling, but a place in his bed could be downright dangerous. Neither Christmas nor men have ever lived up to her expectations, but Parker has soulmate written all over him. Should Gabi let herself be swept up in his holiday magic, or will it disappear before Christmas Day?

No excerpt available.

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