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Book CoverVeena’s review of A Baby To Bind His Bride by Caitlin Crews
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Presents 01 Jan 18

This story has a fascinating start with strong characters and a nicely romantic end. It’s a little soft in the middle, but for a person who’s been off on a lot of stories lately, it makes for good reading.

Leo Betancur is presumed dead in a helicopter crash shortly after his marriage to virginal Susannah. Susannah dons the mantle of the Widow Betancur and takes over the running of the company, fending off all the suitors who lust after her wealth and status, while continuing to secretly search for Leonidas.

Susannah’s private investigators finally run him down to earth – leading a cult – in a remote compound close to where his helicopter crashed. Susannah’s arrival brings back some shards of his memory, especially after finally consummating his marriage.

Get set for a lot of twists and turns, as the two find that their delayed wedding night has consequences. Leo has come to rely on this new incarnation of Susannah, who only wants a divorce and a life in peaceful obscurity. As the story moves along, readers get a ringside view into the troubled childhood of both protagonists.

I skipped over parts of the middle, but overall I enjoyed this tale.

Grade: B-


Claiming his wedding night!

Presumed dead after a tragic accident, billionaire CEO Leonidas Betancur does not recall the vows he made four years ago. But after he is tracked down by his wife, Susannah, fragments of his memory reappear. He denied her of a wedding night, and now he is ready to collect!

Abandoned in her bridal gown and believing herself a widow, Susannah now wants Leonidas to reclaim his empire so she can be free. But he is more untamed and dangerously attractive than she remembers! With a single touch she surrenders her innocence… And now the consequences of their passion will bind them together forever!

No excerpt available.