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Book CoverVeena’s review of The Power of a Seal (West Coast Navy Seals, Book 5) by Anne Elizabeth
Contemporary Romance published by Sourcebooks Casablanca 05 Dec 17

While Ms. Elizabeth is a new to me author, I picked this book to read solely based on the merits of the back cover – a story featuring gorgeous Navy SEALs on their home base in San Diego, friendly dolphins and other marine sea life in the region, and an action adventure that are all a recipe for a winner.

After a mission gone bad, Leaper Lefton is struggling with his commitment to the Navy and the SEALs.  Stationed at the base as a BUD/s instructor, the Navy hopes Leaper will find himself as he works to help trainees attain the skills necessary to not only survive BUD/s but also in the field. It’s interesting reading how the different instructors bring such a radically different approach in their methodology to strengthen the trainees to survive in the field.  Leaper’s trainee team finds one of their training maneuvers getting a real-life application when they are called upon to save a swimmer in distress and rescue her dolphin as well.

Kerry Hamilton is a marine veterinarian assigned to the nearby unit that rescues and studies marine mammals. Of course, the rescue is the start of a relationship between Leaper and Kerry, watched over by his trainee pod.  The author packs in a lot of great research data on marine mammals, which also makes the story drag a little bit, but soon there is excitement as first Kerry discovers a disease in one of her favorite mammals and leverages Leaper’s help to medicate the free mammals in the vicinity and test a cure that will have long-ranging impact.

The author is not content with this spot of excitement and introduces some marine terrorists who plan to exploit the animals in the marine base.  While there are a host of characters in this book that sounds interesting and even though Leaper and Kerry are very interesting characters, this story did not do it for me.

Grade: C


With over two decades of experience, Navy SEAL Leaper Lefton is bringing his expertise to young and impressionable SEAL trainees in BUD/s. As an instructor, he knows he must prepare them for all kinds of situations—and there’s a perfect opportunity for hands-on training when he spots a woman in danger in rough water. Kerry Hamilton, a marine mammal veterinarian for the U.S. Navy is beyond grateful when Leaper saves her from the rough seas, and their attraction is instant. But after everything Leaper has been through, can he truly love again? And is Kerry willing to give him the chance?

No excerpt available.

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