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Book CoverStevie‘s review of Hot Pursuit (Black Knights Inc., Book 11) by Julie Ann Walker
Contemporary Romantic Suspense published by Sourcebooks Casablanca 03 Oct 17

I was really enjoying the continuing adventures of the Black Knights, right up until the action moved to the UK. The first book set over here got a slightly hesitant pass from me, thanks to its whirlwind plot and engaging characters, both of which allowed me to overlook some of the more blatant plot holes and assumptions that we do things just the same as they do them over there, albeit with a rather ‘quaint’ accent at times. I had a few reservations about the one British member of the team, however, and was crossing my fingers that the mismatches between his word choices and mannerisms, and his supposed background, would all be explained when we learned a little more of his backstory. This, then, is his book, and I approached it with caution, especially since the previous adventure ended with the away team still stuck in the south of England.

Christian is ex-SAS, having left the service under something of a cloud, following an incident on a top-secret mission in Iraq. The one member of the Black Knights to prefer sports cars over motor bikes, he’s something of an enigma and a source of fascination to ex-CIA office manager, Emily. Having left her previous posting due to a disastrous ending to an affair with her boss, Emily has sworn off mixing business with pleasure, no matter how strong her attraction to Christian. Which makes being forced to lie low with him and three of their Black Knights colleagues and allies all the more difficult for her, especially given that he’s just as keen on her.

The gang are also keen to leave England and get back to HQ as soon as possible, none more so than Christian, for whom England holds only bad memories. Unfortunately for them all, the bad guy they’ve been pursuing across the UK has leaked information regarding Christian’s whereabouts and history with the SAS to the press, and the five of them are forced to make a hasty exit from one hideout and seek another while they await a flight back to the US.

Meanwhile, the press coverage has come to the attention of two local guys with a grudge against Christian, and there are so many plot holes in their story, I’m not even going to try and explain why it’s so wrong. The bad guys pursue the gang across the south of England, taking in a National Trust property on the way, where the Black Knights hole up and do all kinds of very wrong things to and with valuable antiques. And, honestly, you can’t just chuck the bed linens off those beds into an ordinary washing machine, even assuming there’s one in the house. That’s a specialist restoration job there.

Christian and Emily get together eventually, of course, although I’d be more interested in seeing more of Ace and Rusty’s story, if the author feels like including a gay romance in the series. All in all, my least favourite story in the series, but I shall persevere for at least one more book.

Stevies CatGrade: D


He puts the hot…
Christian Watson, a former SAS officer and current BKI operator, never thought he would return to England after a terrible turn of events forced him to abandon his homeland. But now he’s back on British soil where old enemies are determined to do him in. Fighting for his life is pretty much SOP for Christian. Doing it with the beautiful, bossy Emily Scott in tow is another matter entirely.

In hot pursuit.
Emily lost her coveted job at the CIA because of a colleague turned rogue, and now she has just one rule when it comes to men: they’re for recreational purposes only. But when she and Christian are thrust into very close quarters while evading two mysterious men who want Christian dead, she can’t help but question all her ideas about love and life lived on the edge. Battling the bad guys is hard enough, battling her feelings for Christian just might prove impossible.

No excerpt available.

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