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Book CoverVeena’s review of Summer of the Uncorn by Kay Hooper
Fantasy Romance published by Loveswept 07 Nov 17

Are unicorns real or myth?   Ms. Hooper delivers her version of myths and mysteries in this fantastical tale told through the adventures of Hunter, a prince of the Rubicon kingdom, who, along with his half-brother Boran, seeks to probe the mysteries of the universe in a quest to gain a throne.

After much adventure Hunter arrives in the Huntsman region where he learns of the Reaper, a mountain that protects the valley of unicorns.  Dismissing the dangers and warnings, he makes his way to the mountain pass and crosses into the valley, only to nearly meet his death on arrival. Fortunately he’s nursed to health by the maiden Siri, who is the keeper of the unicorns.

Unbeknownst to Hunter, Boran has also found his way to the valley in stealth with magic. Boran seems to be evil and conniving and seeking revenge.  The author makes a great play on the honorable Hunter and the evil Boran throughout the story, and so when the truth finally emerges, it’s not so much of a surprise to readers.  We have enchanting moments with the unicorn herd as Hunter acquaints himself to the various members and observes secret rituals that are only shown to a trusted few.

Ms. Hooper weaves biblical tales and other fables into this story with the central theme of good versus evil.  This is a reprint of an older story and very different from her current style.  I enjoyed the whimsy and imagination, but I also found the actual romance very tedious.

Grade:  C


In a thrilling romance from New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper, a sensual enchantress shows an earthbound adventurer how to harness the power of fate.

Warrior, sorceress, and siren, Siri is the guardian of the last herd of golden unicorns. She was born to fulfill her destiny, but now this once peaceful world she loves is in danger, threatened by the arrival of two men: brothers, rivals, and heirs to a doomed kingdom. Both seek the prize Siri guards, but only one possesses the heart and courage to win that prize. Only one has the strength to capture a legend with love—a forbidden passion that could save or destroy all that Siri protects. For the man called Hunter Morgan is more powerful than even he knows. . . .

Hunter comes from a world at war, with machines, with reality, with itself. His birthright as protector of the planet comes at a heavy cost, for now his only choice is to defeat his own brother. What begins as a test of strength becomes an epic battle to save a beautiful woman born out of legend. With the intoxicating force of Siri’s love, Hunter’s legacy is at last revealed. But first he must put an end to the treachery and peril that could destroy them both.

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