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Book CoverSandy M’s review of His Toughest Call (Pytheon Security, Book 2) by Joss Wood
Contemporary Romance published by Tule Publishing 23 Aug 16

I love an alpha hero and I love a heroine who can stand up to him and not be TSTL while doing it. Since I’ve been having issues finding good reads recently, everything came together for me in this second book in Joss Wood’s Pytheon Security series. I’m going to be hunting down the first book right after I finish this review.

Seth is a top dog at Pytheon Security. Thanks to his military background, he’s hard to kill and he gets the job done every time. When his best friend’s, Jed from Book 1, sister is in trouble on the night of her wedding, Seth does what he has to to make sure Leah will be okay. After some serious chatting and an even more serious kiss, they both go back to their lives on different continents – until Seth learns the terrorist he’s been after forever and his deceased father may be alive. Both are coincidentally in Cape Town, right where Leah is.

Though she’s still reeling from the honeymoon she never had, Leah is moving on with her life – in between memories of Seth and that kiss. When he shows up in her office and she learns the reason for his “mission,” she offers her home to him. Maybe a huge mistake? Not at first, because they both set fire to the pages when they begin their affair for as long as it works. Leah knows Seth will eventually leave, he’s not the kind of man to commit. They both try to walk away at different times to keep their hearts in one piece.

Leah is a great character. She doesn’t slink away when she knows the life she wants is out of reach. She lays it on the line to Seth, upping is pride in her, as well as his love, though he doesn’t realize that part of it at first. That comes when they’re face to face with the bad guy, who took me by surprise. Seth finally lets his heart rule when he’s forced to imagine life without Leah. That’s a vein that is used a lot in romance, thus the main reason for not giving a higher grade.

But both characters are likable and very sympathetic, and while the mysteries in the story aren’t something we haven’t read before, Ms. Wood was still able to keep my attention until the very end, something at least half a dozen authors haven’t been able to do lately.

sandym-iconGrade: B


Leah Hamilton’s wedding bells rang in an epic disaster. In six hours she was wed, betrayed, arrested and kissed blind and stupid by the one man she’s sworn to avoid: her brother’s best friend, ex-Special Forces soldier and Pytheon boss Seth Halcott, who’s raised her pulse for years. It was just one hot kiss from a man who lived across the world but two weeks later Seth returns and moves in as protection when Leah is targeted in the cross hairs of an international criminal bent on revenge.

Seth Halcott tells himself that Leah Hamilton is just a job, but she’s always been his Achilles heel. The brainy beauty with the feisty mouth has always tempted him to ditch his single status, but while Leah may feel like the one, she’s definitely off limits. He’s only back in her life to ensure her safety and spearhead the biggest bust of his life. Though it’s hard to stay focused when the woman starring in his dreams and sexual fantasies sleeps in the next room…

Leah and Seth discover that danger can be a powerful and passionate aphrodisiac, but will they be surprised to discover it can also lead to love?

No excerpt available.

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