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Book CoverSandy M’s review of The Seven Sins of Ruby Love (Beyond Series, Book 3) by Erin Quinn
Paranormal Romance published by Pocket Books 3 Apr 17

Erin Quinn is one of those authors I anxiously await her next book. I’ve been a fan since reading her Mists of Ireland novels beginning in 2011. So when she began this series, I was quite happy to jump right in and get to know new characters, along with a whole new world. It’s her imagination that also brings me back to her books. You won’t be reading the same old tired tropes in any Erin Quinn book.

Until recently Ruby Love had thought she’s the sibling who was left on the sidelines when it came to their families’ paranormal abilities. But suddenly she’s seeing dead people everywhere, and then she’s thrown for a loop when her deceased brother Reese is sitting on the train with her. She makes a connection with him, knows he needs her help, and then makes a run for it as the other dead get out of control. She has no idea how to help Reese or any of the others.

Ruby runs directly into the arms of John Cassian, the man who now owns the Love family bar, all restored and redecorated after a fire. John sees all those dead people too, so you know he’s not as human as Ruby believes. He’s out for revenge, and the more Ruby gets to know him, she’s not sure she can trust him. But John tosses in a few surprises when it comes to Ruby Love, amazing himself with the realization she means so much to him in such a short time and trusting her isn’t far behind. Their world is intense, so attraction doesn’t take long when running for your life and figuring out how to survive everything coming at you.

Demons, ravens, fallen angels, and self-absorbed “mentors” are just a few of the otherworldly gunning for these two. The action scenes when all of these or even a few are involved are fast-paced. The sizzle between John and Ruby in between those scenes heats up the pages in no time. It’s nice to see Roxanne Love and her ex-Reaper and glad they couldn’t talk Ruby out of trying to help who she believes to be Reese, who they tell her can’t be their brother. Which brings me to my tad of disappointment in the story. I was hoping for a bit more when it comes to Reese. I can see why Ms. Quinn wrote his “story” the way she has, but I had hoped, because we are talking paranormal here, that things would come out a bit differently. Though the end is bittersweet when Ruby is finally able to help Reese.

This book is the last of the series, so I’m very anxiously waiting to find out what is coming from Ms. Quinn next. I know whatever it is will have me and all of her fans hooked from the first page.

sandym-iconGrade: A


Ruby thought she was the ordinary sister in the Love clan—that is, until her dead brother searches her out and begs for her help. Along with him come others—not just other dead, but demons, too—and they are terrifying enough to alarm even someone with Ruby’s eerie family history. She turns to John Cassian, a successful-but-sketchy businessman who seems to know more about demons than is good for either of them. He agrees to help her save her brother’s soul, but Ruby knows he has motives of his own. He is too compelling, too sensual to resist, but even as he seduces Ruby’s body, she fears the consequences of trusting him. John is seeking revenge, but who or what has he targeted? And how can she love a man who frightens even the stuff of nightmares?

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