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Book CoverVeena’s review of One More Kiss (Shaughnessy: Band On The Run, Book 1) by Samantha Chase
Contemporary Romance published by Sourcebooks Casablanca 07 Feb 17

In This Is Our Song, Riley Shaughnessy struggled to find his own place as an individual musician while his band mates go their own successful way.  Get ready to see the story from the other side as we meet Matty Reed and get a glimpse at what is really happening with the rest of the band.

Matt Reed left the band to explore a role on Broadway.  Unfortunately, far from being the success he imagined he would be, he turns out to be a huge flop and the show folds only a couple days after opening.  Being a slow day for the press, they attack Matt and the rest of the band, implying all kinds of horrible things. Matty is ashamed and wants to hide away out of the limelight.  Having burned most of his friendships, he ends up in the last place he wants to be – with the one true friend he still has.

His sanctuary does come with one nice surprise. A small cottage on the property and his best friend’s not-so-friendly beautiful sister Vivienne. Vivienne has always had a case of hero worship for Matt that was brutally dashed when she’s escorted forcefully from backstage at one of his concerts by security.  She’s grateful that Matt has no recollection of the incident or her embarrassment, even as he makes friendly overtures.

She’s a food blogger and Matt doesn’t know how to boil water successfully, so he figures a way out of instant microwaveable meals into her gourmet kitchen.  Soon they’re flirting over food and wine and can’t resist tumbling right into bed as well.

Even as they are falling in lust and enjoying their time together, it will all end when Matt goes back to the band and touring.  Vivienne is a homebody who loves her home and where she lives. Matt has vowed through all his childhood trauma never to live here.  Can they find a way to work it all out and find a happily ever after?

Riley and Savannah are great secondary characters in this story, as are some of the other Shaughnessys. All in all, a great contemporary romance very much in line with what we’ve come to expect from Ms. Chase.

Grade: B


…from his fans
…from his past
…from a failure too painful to contemplate
Most of all, Matt is hiding from himself.

…to her friends and family
…to her online food blog
…to the man she loves

Vivienne will try anything and everything to coax Matt out of his self-imposed exile. But for this to work, Matt is going to have to meet her halfway…

No excerpt available.